Jonathan Branner

American Football
July 26, 2001


About Athlete

My name is Jonathan Branner. After 12 years of soccer, I started playing American Football in Germany as a Kicker/ Punter. I received a full-ride scholarship to be the Kicker for Briar Cliff University (Iowa) in 2020. I had very successful years there breaking and creating many school records. I will soon finish my Bachelor’s degree and I am looking for a new home and a new challenge (Master’s degree). I have 2 years of eligibility left.



SAT Total Score

Ingolstadt Dukes (2018-2020; GFL; Ingolstadt, Germany)
Briar Cliff University (2020-2024; NAIA; Sioux City, Iowa, USA)

Additional sporting info

Best FG percentage in whole NAIA in 2022 (1. 90%)

Personal Best

Best FG % in NAIA 2022 (90%)
100% for 10 games in a row (not missing a single kick)
Longest FG in game: 54 yards (School Record)
Longest FG in practice: 63 yards

What makes you different?

Stoicism plays a big part in my life. Greek and Roman philosophy shows us that there is nothing that can't be achieved.
Self-Discipline is my second name. It is a choice. Being self-disciplined affects your surroundings, it is like a disease spreading.
I am not just in love with detail, I am literally addicted to it.
I am a perfectionist (probably the German in me), which comes in handy as a Kicker.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I already competed for 3 years. I want to get my Master's degree and compete at a higher level. I want a new challenge.

College Goals?

Get my Master's degree (MBA)
Compete at a higher collegiate level
Teach other young men how to live a stoic lifestyle and achieve the impossible.
Gain more knowledge and experience about Kicking. Thinking about starting a Kicking Camp in Europe after college.

Anything else we should know?

"Man conquers the world by conquering himself." - Zeno of Citium



Bachelor's Degree

Briar Cliff University

Bachelor's degree (International Business and Marketing)




School Record for longest Field Goal

Kicked a 54 yard field goal against Doane University. School Record.

All Conference Selection GPAC


Special Teams Player of the Week

We played at #1 Morningside University. I was 2/2 PATs and kicked a 22, 25, and 40 yard field goal generating most of the points for my team.