Jonathan Briggs Törnell

February 13, 2004


About Athlete

My name is Jonathan Törnell, and I am a dedicated football player looking to further my academic and athletic journey at a college in the United States. My objective for college is to play soccer at a competitive level while obtaining a solid education, and I firmly believe that my passion and commitment make me an ideal candidate.

My football journey began at a young age training in academies, but stuck to my base team Ekerö IK were I quickly progressed.

At the age of 14 i skipped teams above my age bracket and made an extraordinary entry into Ekerö U19’s Division 1 team.

With the opportunity to start some matches in the U19 div 1 at the age of 14, I caught the attention of the senior team’s coaches, who recognized my potential and gave me chances to play at that level.

My speed, agility, and performance on the field were evident, leading to my inclusion in the starting lineup to the senior team at just 15 years old, competing in divisions 4 and 3. This experience exposed me to the demands of senior football at a tender age, instilling in me a sense of toughness and adaptability that continues to drive my performance today.

Recently, I had the privilege of competing in Division 2, where I had a remarkable soccer journey that has significantly shaped my growth as a player. It was in this highly competitive environment that I evolved into a key player, starting almost every match.
What is particularly noteworthy is that my performances in Division 2 garnered attention from Division One teams. I received several offers from these teams, a testament to the progress I’ve made and the recognition of my abilities on the soccer pitch. But I had to decline due to my ongoing commitment to education.

Enclosed with this letter is a video that showcases some of my performance highlights from my time in Division Two. I hope this video demonstrates my skills, my love for the game, and my potential as a student-athlete.




AIK- trained as a kid
Ekerö IK 2011-2021
TVSK- 2021- now

Additional sporting info

Maintaining peak physical condition is a priority for me. I follow a disciplined fitness regimen and pay close attention to nutrition to ensure I am always ready to perform at my best on the field.

Personal Best

My dedication to improving my speed and explosiveness has led to remarkable accomplishments on the field. One of my personal best achievements is consistently being one of the fastest players in my division, enabling me to make crucial breakthroughs and impactful plays.

What makes you different?

What makes me different as a student-athlete is a combination of unique qualities that I bring to the field. First and foremost, I pride myself on being exceptionally fast and explosively agile on the soccer pitch. I firmly believe that these attributes are not just advantages but game-changers in the sport. My speed allows me to be a dynamic force on the pitch, enabling quick breaks, swift transitions, and the ability to outrun opponents in one-on-one situations.

In a game where every second counts, my rapid acceleration and agility provide a valuable edge to my team. I can cover ground swiftly, both in attack and defense, turning defensive plays into offensive opportunities in the blink of an eye.

Why do you want to compete in college?

The sense of community and camaraderie within a college soccer team is something I greatly value. The bonds formed with teammates, coaches, and the broader college community create an environment of support and shared purpose that is truly special.

College Goals?

One of my key athletic goals is to help lead my team to new heights of success.

Anything else we should know?

Would like to find a school in the beggining of 2024





Bromma Gymnasium