Jonathan Turesson

August 27, 1998

About Athlete

I have this vision to become the best player in the world and I just want to do everything I can to achieve that goal


Following NCAA guidelines Jonathan’s GPA would meet U.S. requirements


Tournament Low Score

Score: Even Par: 72 Distance: 6067 yards

Score: +2 Par: 72 Distance: 6479 yards 

General play Low Score

Score: -2 Par:72 Distance 6616 Yards

Scoring Average in Tournaments: 78.23

Current Handicap: 2.7

Top tournament results

Skandia Tour Regional: 75 - 76 +7. Place: 2th Par:72 Distance 6813 Yards

Skandia Tour Regional: 77 - 76 +9. Place: 5th Par:72 Distance:6056 Yards

Skandia Tour Future:72-75-78 +9. Place:15th Par:72 Distance: 6067 Yards

Skandia Tour Vastergotland: 81-75. Place:1th Par:72 Distance: 6002 Yards 

Team events and results

Division 1 with Vaxjo Gk, where we took a 9th place. 

Other athletic information you wish to include 

I have played soccer, tennis and ice hockey

Club Distances

Driver: 293 yards / 268 m

3 wood: 255 yards / 234 m

3 iron: 222 yards / 203 m

4 iron: 207 yards / 190 m

5 iron: 199 yards / 182 m

6 iron: 186 yards / 170 m

7 iron: 176 yards / 161 m

8 iron: 167 yards / 153 m

9 iron: 154 yards / 141 m

P-wedge: 144 yards / 132 m

52 degree wedge: 121 yards / 111 m

56 degree wedge: 107 yards / 98 m

What makes you different?

What makes me different from other players is that I am so stubborn I never give up, if I would like to achieve something I work until I have reached it.

Why do you want to compete in college?

The reason why I would like to compete in college is that I think it would be a great experience and so fun to play for a team. It is also a great opportunity to play against great golfers and study at the same time. The last and biggest cause why I would like to compete In golf at collage is, that you can play and train the whole year which you are not able to in Sweden.

College Goals?

My goal in college is to study international economy so I can take care of my economy when I get pro.

Anything else we should know?

In only one year and six months from the first time I ever held a golf club in my hands, I was able to reach a handicap of 4.7.
I have always been interested in getting to know new people.