Jorge Albayeros

October 13, 2000


About Athlete

Hello, my name is Jorge (Rodrigo) Albayeros and I am a CAM/CF from Lake Worth, FL. I love this game!  


Following NCAA guidelines Jorge’s GPA would convert to a 3.0 U.S. equivalent.

IB program inductee, French National Honor Society, Honor roll

SAT Total Score

1st team All state FSHA 2017-18

District first team 2017-18


Conference 2nd team 2017-2018

District 2nd team 2016-2017

Conference 1st team 2016-17

District 2nd team 2015-2016 

Disney Showcase winner 2015

State cup final four2015

State cup elite eight 2014 & 2016

High school district champion

High school Regional Finalist

High school conference champion 2X

Lead High School team in overall assist and goals A: 26 G: 20

National Premier league champions 2015. 2013-2017 156 games, 89 goals & 105 Assist

What makes you different?

I've been blessed to work with amazing ex pro coaches since I was 12 and have been trained like an academy player at the professional level would ever since (Adrian Paz & Pablo lima Uruguay Int. players). I also have a very high understanding of the game and spacial awareness which allows me to play anywhere from Center Attacking mid ( primary position) to left or right back (3rd or 4th position).

Why do you want to compete in college?

I want to compete in college because I believe it is the next right step in my career as a student athlete, my ultimate goal is to play professionally and I believe college provides a high level in which I can develop further into a professional.

College Goals?

Get my degree, start college with 45-50 credits, enjoy an overall experience.

Anything else we should know?

Become a professional player, live happy with family and someday kids. Want to make my mom proud. Most importantly I want to achieve my ultimate goal of playing pro and hopefully play for El Salvador Mens Nat Team.

I am very proactive and organized, I like to work at my craft and I am ready to do what is necessary to achieve my goal.