Jose Escobedo

May 27, 1998


About Athlete

I’m a strong and very physical but fair rugby player, with a calmed mindset, having a wide vision of the game field. I’m aimed to play rugby for a competitive college, at the highest possible level, while pursuing my studies and exploring professional alternatives in rugby.


Following NCAA guidelines JT’s GPA would convert to a 3.3 U.S. equivalent.


Highest rep level: 6 Nations South American Tournament A representing Chile

Current team: Universidad Católica 

Current League: Top 8

Bench Press (1 Rep Max): 150kg / 331lbs

Squat (1 Rep Max): 190kg / 419lbs

Deadlift (1 Rep Max): 180kg / 397lbs

100m Split Time: 12.80s


Awards and Achievements:

Debut at the UC second adult team at 16 years old (2015)

First international tour at 16 years old representing UC (2015)

Champion, ARUSA U16 Central National Tournament (2015)

Captain and champion, ARUSA U18 Central National Tournament (2016)

Best U18 player, UC (2016)

Best U18 forward, UC (2016)

Best U18 tackle, UC (2016)

Debut at the UC adult first team at 18 years old (2017)

2nd place at ARUSA Apertura Tournament (2017)

Champion at ARUSA Central Tournament (2017)

Member of the U20 national team representing Chile at the Paraguay U20 South American Tournament (2018)

Member of the adult national team representing Chile at the 6 Nations South American Tournament (2018)

First adult international test match representing Chile at 19 years old (2018)

Best aspect of your game


Offensive tackle

Strong offensive/defensive rucking

Fast BiG (Back in Game)

Explosive line-out

Calmed mindset 

Strong physicality


Powerful and effective ball carrying

Ample vision over the game field

Excellent balance and explosive power

Dominant scrummaging

What makes you different?

Since I started playing rugby at 13, I have always been a very passionate and fair rugby player. Since that date, I never stopped both training and playing the best I can. I always give my 100%, no matter how adverse the circumstances are. I never give up! I’m a highly motivated person; always trying to encourage my teammates, so we can surpass our own limits every day.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I want to continue playing rugby at the highest possible level, while pursuing my undergraduate studies in the best academic environment that USA colleges may offer. In doing so, I will be able to combine all my passions while pursuing both my athletics and academic goals.

College Goals?

To succeed in rugby by representing my college, earn a degree with the highest possible scores, and then pursue a PhD in science.

Anything else we should know?

I’m an easy-going person and always have a smile on my face. Life is too complicated to be worried about!