Josef Vodička

March 20, 2000


About Athlete

My dream is to study at a good-quality university while playing rugby on the top level. Therefore, I would like to combine my interest in the technical field with my passion for rugby. Quality universities in my country do not support students in playing sports on professional level therefore I am trying to find suitable one in the USA. Now I’m studying at an extremely difficult school without any help with my time management. But as you can see I’m doing well, because my stubbornness and motivation never let me give up.



 2nd Row - 4,5

Alternate Position

Number 8, flanker – 6,7

Bench Press (1 Rep Max): 198 lbs

Squat (1 Rep Max): 330 lbs

Deadlift (1 Rep Max): 396 lbs

Split time

10m – 1,71

20m – 3,05

50m – 6,82

100m – 12

Highest rep level

Czech national team

Home team 

15s - 2x state champion (1x capitan), 3x 2nd place, 1st place in a PYRF (Prague Youth Rugby Festival). 7s – 1x state champion, 1x 2nd place, 2x 2nd place in PYRF

National team

15s - 3rd place U18 Men Europe Trophy, 7s – 2nd place in U18 Men Europet Trophy, 2nd place in UWG (United World Games)

Playing for French rugby academy (Academie de Rugby Yves Perrot)

Best aspect of your game

I'm very powerful, aggressive and fast player. I'm committed to my team because team is like a family and I will support them anytime, anywhere. I can clearly read the game, predict situations and be there fast and effectively. Because I am playing rugby long time I have a lot of experiences which I can share with my teammates.