Joseph iye

October 1, 2001


About Athlete

My number one objective is to receive the best education possible for me and to dominate on the sports field. I am a junior rugby player who has played in the highest level possible for an u/18 rugby player in south Africa. I played first team at King Edward vii school for two years, I played for the Golden lions u/18 team for two years at craven week and currently played in the u/18 international test series against France, Wales and Argentina making me a junior springbok rugby player. I have the experience and motivation to work hard in both required attributes in order to leave an impact on the college team I represent.


maths literacy 53%, English home language 51%, Afrikaans FAL 46%, life orientation 86%, life science 52%, geography 41%, history 54%.


2012 u/11A rugby team. VAALPARK PRIMARY. Flank 7

2013 u/13A VAALPARK PRIMARY (second in the league ). Lock 5

2014 u/13A VAALPARK PRIMARY (third in the league), u/13A valke craven week as a flank 7

2015 u/14A KING EDWARDS VII SCHOOL. Park town festival


2017 u/16A KING EDWARD VII SCHOOL. U/16A golden lion’s Grand khomo. SA top 60 green squad ( 1-7 October 2017). Invitational team to Ireland (December 2017)

2018 u/18 KING EDWARD VII SCHOOL first team . u/18 coca cola craven week for Golden lions XV (8-14 july 2018)

2019 u/18 KING EDWARD VII SCHOOL first team. u/18 Golden lions craven week(1-6 july 2019) . u/18 international test series (7-8 august 2019)

What makes you different?

I train myself on my passing abilities to make sure my passing is on point. I walk about 1.8km every day to the gym to make sure my strength and conditioning is on point. I re-watch my previous rugby games to see where I went wrong and where I can improve myself as a player. I teach myself how to steal balls and how to pick and carry adding more value to my style of play as back line players don’t normally steal balls. I do my rehab and stick to the program to try as much as possible to prevent future injuries. I work hard not only for my benefit but to also help my family. We are a family of six and my rugby has helped me receive a high school scholarship which helped my parents pay less for my education and spend more money on the rest of my siblings. I have a dream to play in the rugby world cup and I will because I put in the time and effort.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I want to compete in college sports because it allows me to pursue playing rugby as well as getting an education at the same time.College sports is an easier way to be seen by clubs and sponsorships to help improve myself as a player in the sport. College sports is also where the best athletes are which creates a more competitive atmosphere in the various sports.

College Goals?

I want to firstly make the team and work my way up to a starting position in the first season of arrival. I want to score more than five tries a season, steal more than two balls a game as well as make more than 15meters a game. I want to achieve a 60% average in all courses I will take.