Jamie Benayon-Abraham

August 23, 2006


About Athlete

My collegiate goals and aspirations are to play soccer at the highest possible level while pursing a rigorous educational program that will provide me with a number of career options (both in and outside of soccer). I am also looking forward to making lifelong connections in this environment and having a truly memorable collegiate experience. My intentional soccer training over the years with older boys makes me well suited to transition into a collegiate environment with a wide range of player ages from freshman to senior and beyond.

I believe that I am a good candidate for your team because I have learned over my high school years how to juggle a busy schedule, maintain high academic achievements, and play highly competitive soccer. I believe these are all important to being a successful student-athlete at the collegiate level. I am a coachable team player who is eager to continue to develop my soccer skills while balancing my academic goals as well. I believe I can contribute greatly to your team because of both my soccer skills and character on and off the field.



SAT Total Score
TOEFL Total Score
ACT Score

North Toronto Nitros U21 League 1 Reserves
Jersey number 15
Goals: 8
Assist: 2
Goals Contributed (Penalties Drawn): 6
Games: 15

League 1 Ontario U19
Jersey number 30

Ontario Player Development League (OPDL) U17
Jersey number 39

Sophomore team
Team captain and point guard for school team from Grade 3 to sophomore year. MVP for school team in 4 of those years.


U21 League 1 Reserve Season Highlight Tape:


U19 League 1 Reserve Season Highlight Tape:
U21 Pre Season Highlight Tape:
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Soccer School Team:

Year 2022
Varsity team
Jersey number 14

Personal Best


What makes you different?

A few things that make me a unique candidate from other recruits are my character, soccer development pathway, and all-around organizational skills. Since the beginning of high school, I have been a starter playing in the province of Ontario's most competitive amateur soccer league with boys 1-2 years older than me. While this has been frustrating at times, my perseverance and determination has pushed me to develop soccer skills that allow me to compete with bigger, stronger and faster players than my age group. Training extensively (both on the pitch and with a personal weight trainer) and competing in our league games throughout the years has not always been easy while finding the time to maintain an "A" academic average. I have enjoyed this challenge and can honestly say that soccer gives me more joy than anything else in life and it fuels me to be successful in other parts of my life. I am always pushing both myself and my teammates to be better and to continue to learn. I want to help my team be successful. I have learned how to manage stress well and look after myself both physically and mentally.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I want to compete in a college level environment because I feel that it will help me become a better player while at the same time getting a great education. I have been a big fan of college soccer and watching games just proves how unique the atmosphere is at the games and how all the teammates are willing to put there body on the line to win every night. This is something that I want to be part of and help a team with games. In addition, I want to be at competing at a high level college level because I feel that it is the best way to keep on developing and training like a professional athlete. I also find that the exposure levels at colleges are extremely high and pro teams are always looking to take these type of players.

College Goals?

My college goals would be to improve in the 4 years as a college player while at the same time winning trophies for the school. I also would love to get the chance to play for a pro team after my time at college and keep on excelling as a soccer player. As well, getting an exceptional education is very important for me so I am set for the future.

Anything else we should know?




North Toronto Collegiate Institute

Senior year




School Soccer MVP 3 Years Straight