Jonathan Selvaraj

August 17, 2003


About Athlete

My objective is to combine my academic studies and sporting talent. I have the experience and motivation to work hard in both required attributes to leave an impact on the college team I represent.


Overall GPA: 3.61


BSAK Golf Team- 2017-2019

Yas Links Abu Dhabi Scratch Team- 2021

ADYG Elite Junior Team- 2021- 2022

  • Golden Ball Qualifier (75)- October 2018 (1st Place)
  • UAE President’s Cup (73, 72)- March 2021 (1st Place)
  • Yas Links February Monthly Medal (69)- 2021 (1st Place)
  • Yas Links March Monthly Medal (71)- 2021 (1st Place)
  • Yas Links April Monthly Medal (69)- 2021 (1st Place)
  • Yas Links October Monthly Medal (66)- 2021 (1st Place)
  • AD Youth by AQ (69)- June 2021 (1st Place)
  • GEM International Golf Tour 2nd Stage (77, 69, 70)- October 2021 (1st Place)
  • The Montgomerie Dubai Men’s Open (68, 75)- October 2021 (3rd Place)
  • Dubai Hills Men’s Open (74,71)- November 2021 (1st Place after playoff)
  • Jumeirah Golf Estates Men’s Open R2 (71)- January 2022 (T4th Place)
  • Al Ain Men’s Open (69,72)- February 2022 (T5th Place)
  • Gem International Golf Tour 2nd Stage (68,71,74)- September 2022 (1st Place)
Additional sporting info

Trackman Combine scores: Highest - 94.9 (World Record)

Club Data:

Clubhead Speed: 89mph
Attack Angle: -7
Smash Factor: 1.28
Distance: 122

Clubhead Speed: 91mph
Attack Angle: 6.7
Smash Factor: 1.31
Distance: 134

Clubhead Speed: 93mph
Attack Angle: -6.4
Smash Factor: 1.34
Distance: 148

Clubhead Speed: 95mph
Attack Angle: -6.1
Smash Factor: 1.37
Distance: 164

Clubhead Speed: 96mph
Attack Angle: -5.2
Smash Factor: 1.39
Distance: 176

Clubhead Speed: 97mph
Attack Angle: -4.7
Smash Factor: 1.40
Distance: 187

Clubhead Speed: 98mph
Attack Angle: -4.1
Smash Factor: 1.40
Distance: 198

Clubhead Speed: 100mph
Attack Angle: -3.5
Smash Factor: 1.42
Distance: 209

Clubhead Speed: 104mph
Attack Angle: -3
Smash Factor: 1.44
Distance: 267

Clubhead Speed: 111mph
Attack Angle: +3
Smash Factor: 1.49
Distance: 309

Personal Best

Lowest Round: 60 (-12)

Lowest Tournament Round: 66 (-6)

What makes you different?

Intense dedication and commitment to succeed as well as my ability to use a wide variety of resources to help smoothen swing changes and improve my game day after day.

Why do you want to compete in college?

The fierce competition of NCAA athletics to improve my game and to reach new heights. Additionally, to form new connections with teammates and coaches to better myself.

College Goals?

To lower my scoring average and to help my team win NCAA tournaments.

Anything else we should know?

I'm a high level violinist and pianist too.




British School Al Khubairat

Results: (9-1)/(A*-G) Maths: 8 English Language: 8 English Literature: 6 Biology: 8 Physics: 8 Chemistry: 9 Music: 8 Economics: A Business Studies: A


AS Levels

British School Al Khubairat

Results: (A-G) Music: A Economics: A Business Studies: A


1st Year of BA in Music

University of Tulsa

Results: (A-G) Music Theory I: A Music Theory II: B Ear Training Lab I: A Ear Training Lab II: A Freshman Recital Class: A Violin I: A Violin II: A Piano I: A Piano II: A University Orchestra I: A University Orchestra II: A Beginning Spanish I: A Beginning Spanish II: D Cult before Hst:Archlgy: A FS 1 - Questing Spirits: C FS: Life Hacks - Chinese Phil: C