Julian Srock

April 19, 2006


About Athlete

Soccer is my passion, and I aim to play at the highest level possible. I started playing at a young age and grew to love the sport. It has helped me to build confidence and become the person I am today. Everyone who knows me knows that soccer is a huge part of my life, and I spend a lot of my time watching matches and studying the tactical side of the game through books and YouTube. Aside from soccer, I enjoy listening to music, watching movies and TV shows, and spending time with friends and family. I have great time management skills and discipline which has helped me to become an honour roll student. As a person I am very honest and dependable, and I am someone that you don’t need to ask twice. I’m a hard worker that is always up for a new challenge, and I look forward to seeing what my future holds.




Prostars FC - 2013 -2020 - Coach Gabriel Pop
Played primarily as a right-back. Competed in Barcelona and Valencia, Spain (Valencia Cup), and in the Iber Cup in Florida. Champions of EDP Cup in New Jersey in the top tier. Ontario Cup Indoor Champions.

Bolton Wanderers SC - 2020-2021 - Coach Fabio Campoli
Played primarily as a center-back. Competed in Jefferson Cup in Virginia. Top Rated Showcase Champions. Ontario Cup Finalists.

North Mississauga SC - 2022-2023 - Coach Fabio Campoli
Played primarily as a center-back. FTF X VSC Showcase Champions. Undefeated season in OPDL 2022. OPDL Champions (Charity Shield). Ontario Futsal Cup Champion. Phoenix Cup 2023 Champions.
U19 League 1 Reserves Finalists.


EDP Cup Champions

U14 Ontario Cup Indoor Champions

U15 Ontario Cup Finalists

U15 Umbro Top Rated Showcase Challenge Cup Champions

U16 FTF X VSC Showcase Champions

U17 OPDL (Ontario Player Development League) Charity Shield Champions

Phoenix Cup 2023 Champions

U19 League 1 Reserve Finalists

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Additional sporting info

I am a very coachable player that is happy to play in multiple positions to match the needs of my team.

Since I was young I have trained my first touch obsessively and improved my technical ability through individual training.

Rohan Ricketts Academy :
Former Tottenham, Arsenal, and MLS player Rohan Ricketts. Rohan has been a great mentor for me and has given me a great insight into what it is like to play at the highest level with some of the world's best players. His training has not only helped to increase my ability as a player but also to build a competitive and cutthroat mentality when I'm on the field.

TheComplete90 :
Former MLS and CPL pro player Giuliano Frano. Giuliano's training helped me to work in position-specific situations. He helped me to build fitness and improved my in-game performances.

AthElite Lab :
Santiago Patarroyo. Santi's training helps me to stay match-fit and sharp for my club games. His position-specific training helps me to improve physically and ensure my receiving and distribution is as good as it can be.

Personal Best

As a player, I am extremely calm and composed under pressure and seldom make mistakes. On the ball, I always look to break lines through my passing or progressive carries. One of the strongest aspects of my game is my positioning and reading of the game, which I depend on to win the ball back for my team. I am great in 1v1 scenarios and I am adept at timing clean tackles. I have great pace making it difficult for attackers to get behind me. I lead by example in training with my hard work, competitive nature, and winning mentality, helping to contribute to a great team environment.

What makes you different?

I am a strong and athletic center-back with great pace. I can play all positions across the back line in a back 4 or back 3, and can play in midfield. I can read the game at a very high level. I have very strong technical ability and a great first touch. I am extremely composed and never panic when under pressure, and use my skill in order to succeed in high-pressure situations. I have a winning mentality and am willing to do whatever is asked of me for the success of my team in multiple positions.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I am eager to learn as much as I can as I progress through the professional environment of college soccer. I believe NCAA is my next step to achieve my goal of pursuing a professional career in the sport.

College Goals?

To contribute to my team's success in every way possible, and to perform well academically and obtain my degree.



High School

St. Joan of Arc Catholic Secondary School




FTF Showcase Man of the Match