Ziwen Ju

June 17, 2005


About Athlete

My name is Juziwen. I’m a tennis player from Beijing, China. My goal is to enhance my tennis level and career opportunities while getting a good education and college degree. Tennis has been the most important part of my life since I was 7 years old and I absolutely love the sport. I’m a committed tennis player and can stay on court for as many hours as required. My family has always been particular about my education and I have been lucky enough to balance both my tennis and my education my whole life. I believe I would add a unique quality in terms of perspective and commitment to any team and look forward to being part of a group that aspires to be the best version of themselves on and off the court.





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Personal Best


What makes you different?

I believe that my willingness to stay on court or in the classroom for as many hours as needed in order to solve an issue makes me unique. I have the mental focus and mindset to not leave a certain task until I have completely finished it or figured it out. That I believe makes me different .

Why do you want to compete in college?

Tennis is an individual sport and I have always wanted the feeling of playing for something bigger than myself. Playing for a team in college will give that feeling of playing for not just myself but my whole team. I also believe that training and competing in college will take my game to the next level and open up opportunities for me.

College Goals?

To play for a top team that can compete for all the honors and titles available while educating myself to stabilize my future.



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