Karolis Dovydas Zukauskas

October 21, 2004


About Athlete

My name is Karolis Dovydas Zukauskas. I am from Lithuania, but I have lived and studied in Iceland for four years. I also play soccer in Iceland for a team called Vikingur, which I believe has the best youth development in Iceland. When I was seven I started playing soccer in my hometown, Jonava, Lithuania’s ninth-biggest city. I moved to Iceland when I was fourteen, currently, I live in Iceland with my parents who are my biggest supporters to me. I am a passionate and hard-working guy with ambitions and goals to reach. This is why I think education in the USA would let me do that faster. As a player, in general, I have very good work ethic skills, I respect coaches and all the teammates around me I have no problem adapting to new places or meeting new faces, I am athletic and not scared to show leadership when needed.




FK Jonava, Vikingur Reykjavík

Additional sporting info

Played with FK Jonava from U-7 - U-14
Vikingur R U-19 U-15 - current.
Captain for FK Jonava U-12 - U-14

Personal Best


What makes you different?

I've played my youth level in different countries and I think that made me learn to adapt quickly to different environments and coaches. As I player I think I'm a team-oriented player who works diligently to help achieve team goals. I always maintain strong relationships with coaches and value their constructive criticism because I think it's important. After each game, I thoroughly analyze my mistakes, striving to learn and improve from them. I possess exceptional work ethics and readily assume responsibility and leadership when needed. remake it

Why do you want to compete in college?

I want to show myself and prove that I'm capable of playing the game at a higher level and learn from high-level coaches around as much as I can, as I believe this experience will help me grow and excel in my life or athletic pursuits. I also think that life in the USA and studying in college is interesting and it's a good experience and an ability to try to see more of the country's beauty and also have good education which would help me a lot in the future.

College Goals?

Get good memories with the ability to play football and seek a good education for my future life.

Anything else we should know?

Currently finishing my high school studies here in Iceland where I study Sports and health program studies.