Kartik Nayyar

June 30, 2022


About Athlete

I am very dedicated and passionate for soccer and want to amalgamate my passion and academic studies to bring out the best version of myself. I work hard, and I have the experience to leave an impact on the team.



U15 I-League- Minerva Punjab fc - north zone winner (11 December 2017) - 0 defeats record and played all matches 

U15 I-League or Nike premier cup- Minerva Punjab fc all India winners- gold (8 Feb. 2018) 0 match defeat and 1 match draw- played all matches

U17 administrators challenge cup- Minerva Punjab fc- all India winners- gold- (30 November 2017) 1 draw and 0 defeats played all matches

U19 - Punjab -state winners (Inter-District Tournament) 2017 - awarded best player of the tournament and captain of the team. Won all matches knockout tournament.

U17 reliance cup national north zone winner - Minerva Punjab fc and Minerva public school- best player north zone final match 

U17 reliance foundation youth sports school cup all India winners - Minerva Punjab fc and Minerva public school. Won all matches. Played all matches.


U18 I-League or elite league - Chennai south zone champions with 2 draws and 8 matches won (30 November ,2018)

U18 I-League or elite league- INDIAN SUPER LEAGUE CLUB - Chennaiyin Fc - all India quarter finalist - (4 January-2019) 

2019-2020 - u18 I-League elite league- Ahmedabad racquet academy football club- (ARA FC). Cancelled and senior 2 division i league cancelled (was in both, team and u18 captain)

Award, Press

  • Best player in u19 state tournament
  • Chennaiyin fc goal scorer U18 final round all India
  • Reliance final match scorer and some matches awarded best player