Kayla Paulsen

October 18, 1999

About Athlete

I will use my ability to work hard and remain focused to motivate myself to achieve the goals I have set to be successful in both my academic and sporting life. I will use my experiences gained to inspire and motivated others.


Following NCAA guidelines Kayla’s GPA would meet U.S. requirements.

SAT Total Score

Scoring Average in Tournaments


Current Handicap



South African Women’s Interprovincial Tours | DISTANCE: 5358m | PAR: 72 | Shot 84

Silver, Bronze and Copper Cups: 83 Place 5th PAR: 72 DISTANCE: 5663yrds 

KwaZulu- Natal Championships: 83-82(165) Place 4th PAR:70   

DISTANCE: 5379yrds

Matchplay: Knocked out in Quarter-Final 

Western Province Amateur Champions: 91-90(181) Place 31st PAR:72 DISTANCE: 5959yrds 

Additional sporting info

Club Distances

Driver: 210meters

Hybrid: 160meters

4 iron: 145meters

5 iron: 135meters

6 iron: 130meters

7 iron: 120meters

8 iron: 115meters

9 iron: 110meters

Pitching Wedge: 100m

Sand wedge: 60m

What makes you different?

I have what it takes to be successful during college because I have the ability to balance all academic, sport and all other spheres of my life. I am goal orientated which I achieved by being focused and working hard.

What makes me different is that I have good work ethic allowing me to work well under pressure and within time constraints.

With that I have a very friendly disposition which I use to help my teammates, friends and family. I am always willing to assist or mentor when I am able to.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I believe that competing in college golf will be the perfect platform to test my skills and abilities that I’ve gained through the years working hard and being focused and with the new skills I will gain during my time there.

I hope that the new skills I will develop will assist me in the future.

College Goals?

I hope that the experience of tertiary education would not only assist me academically but also help me to use my acquired skills to be successful.

I hope to study a degree in physiotherapy or kinesiology. I would like to peruse post-graduate studies in my respective degree.

Anything else we should know?

During my final year at high school I was elected to be part of my schools learner representative council as well as completing various leadership courses.

In high school I also achieved Honours awards for my sporting


I assisted my coach once per week in junior development golf.