Keorapetse Shadrack Nkopane

January 5, 2000


About Athlete

Having to study Sport Management will enable me to understand the sports world. Coupled with my desire not only to learn from the college, but to enhance my athletic career. My mind is resolute that I will achieve and set new boundaries.


High School Grades: Math E, English D , Life Science E , Life Orientation C, Accounting E, Business studies E, Afrikaans F

Grade Average: 47.7%

NSC: Diploma Qualification


Athletics - (Electronic)

100m: 10.87 

200m: 21.92 




200m:24.38(2nd place)

Super Inter High

100m:12.15 (2nd place)



100m:11.35 (1st place)

200m:23.69(1st place)

Super Inter High

100m-11.19(1st place) Record

200m-23.89(2nd place)

(Junior Athlete Of The Day)

District Champs

100m:11.21(2nd place)

200m:23.55(2nd place)

Provincial Champs

100m:11.63(2nd place)

National Champs

Relay 4x100m:43.63(1st place)

School Full Colours -100m

School Half Colours-200m

Provincial Colours



100m:11.10(1st place)

200m:23.02(2nd place)

Super Inter High

100m:11.16(1st place) Record

200m:22.97(1st place)

School Full Colours -100m&200m



200m-22.44 (2nd place)

400m-50.79 (1st place)

School Full Colours- 200m&400m


Super Inter High

100m:11.05 (2nd place)

200m:22.79(2nd place)

400m:51.99(1st place)

District Provincial Champs

100m:10.93(1st place)

Puma School Of Speed

100m:10.87(2nd place Heat)

100m:11.11(2nd place Final)

School Full Colours- 100m,200m&400m

Awards, press


Best Sprinter Of The Season - High School

What makes you different?

During my high school years I never had a coach, and I had to rely upon social media and friends within the circles of sport up until I matriculated. I certainly encountered a lot challenges during my high school career, but I was able to over come them. I'm a hardworking person and one of my strongest traits is that I will never give up, even when all odds are stacked against me.

Why do you want to compete in college?

The reason for competing in college is that it will lay a solid foundation for my career whilst at the same time enabling me to grow as an athlete.

College Goals?

During the time that I will be studying at college I want to be able to unleash my full potential, with the help from the coaches. Win the National Champs and participating internationally during the time in which I will be enrolled in the college

Obtain a diploma in Sport Management.

Anything else we should know?

I love music, it keeps me going.

I love watching soccer with my friends and my family especially the Barclays Premier League.