Klaudie Jane Kárníková

July 25, 2003


About Athlete

My objective and dream is to combine the academic and athletic side of things. I want to be able to work in a team, share experiences, motivation and success. My personal goal is to be a great student as well as a great golfer. Finally, I would like to achieve a University Degree along with some merit as a team golfer.



Golf Club Praha Motol

Scoring average: 77.94  (Best score 71 (-2 at TELC)

2021 Rankings

  • Czech national ranking 16 (Junior)
  • Czech national ranking 34 (Women)

2020 Rankings

  • Czech national ranking 15 (Junior)
  • Czech national ranking 34 (Women) 
  • (EGA) European U21 ranking 960 



17-18th September (KARLSTEJN 5335 m par 72 → 1st) Chateau Havel Club Stroke Championship 76,74

27-30th August (RED OAK 5306 m par 72 → 6th U18) Slovak Junior Tour II 75,79,83

24-26th August (BLACK STORK SLOVAKIA 5150 m par 72 → T10 (4st U18)) Faldo Series Slovakian Championship 81,79,81

5-6th August (KUNĚTICKÁ HORA 5780 m par 72 → T35) Czech International Ladies Amateur Championship 73,82 (MC)

23-25th April (SAN ROQUE CLUB – New Course, Spain 5565 m par 72) Triple A European Finals 73,79

26th-28th March (SAN ROQUE CLUB – New Course, Spain 5565 m par 72→ 6th) Triple A Series European Open 79,74,86


12-14th of September (WELTEN BAC 6100m par 72 → T5) 76,77,75 Slovakian National Amateur Tour

4-6th of September (TELC 5518m par 73 → T10) 79,71,73 Czech National Amateur Tour

30th of July (BEROVICE 5500m par 72) 78 KB SmartPay Golf Tour

24-26th of July (KACOV 5700m par 72) 80, 79, 79 First League (golf club team tournament)

21st of July (ZBRASLAV 5300m par 72) 78 Regional U18 Team Qualification

5th of July (BITOZEVES 5800m par 72) 77 Regional Junior Tour

9-11th of February (PENHA LONGA 5000m par 72 → U18 3rd/U21 5th) 82,79,79 Portuguese Intercollegiate Open

14-16th of February (PENHA LONGA 5000m par 72→ U18 4th/U21 8th) 86,85,77 Atlantic Youths Trophy


28-29th of November (VALLE ROMANO 4949m par 72 → T4) 77,77

19th of July (HOREHLEDY 5000m par 70) 73 Regional Junior Tour


Best Junior golfer (in my golf club) for three years in a row.

Stroke Play Junior Champion (of my golf club) year 2020

Stroke Play Junior Champion (of my golf club) year 2019

Match Play Junior Champion (of my golf club) year 2020

Additional sporting info

I am overall a very sporty person, I always represented my school in different sporting events, especially in athletics (short and long runs, long and high jumps) and cross country running. I always did my best in all sports events no matter what. I enjoy snowboarding, gymnastics, running and rollerskating as well, partly to stay in shape and partly because I really enjoy doing so.

Club distances (meters)

PW 100-105

9 iron 110-115

8 iron 120-125

7 iron 130-135

6 iron 140-145

5 iron 150-155

4 iron 160-165

5 wood 170

Driver 200+ 


Instagram: @Klaudia_Golf