Kristina Ponomareva

December 1, 2003


About Athlete

I hope to have an opportunity to combine a good university course and improve my golf game. I am ready to work hard and represent the college team.


Math A, English A, Computer Science A, History A, Literature A, Physics A, Russian A, PE A, Biology A, Chemistry A, Social Science A, Geography A


Current Handicap: +2

Current Scoring Average: 76.8

Lowest Score: 68 (par 72)

WAGR: 1604



Russian Junior Tour 2 (May): 81-74-75 (par 72)
 Course length: 4700 meters, 2nd place

Finnish International Championship U14 (June): 68-77-79 (par 72), 3rd place,
 Course length: 4700 meters

Belgium International Championship U14 (June-July): 80-76-75 (par 73)
 Course length: 5100

Russian Junior Tour 4 (July): 78-72-74 (par 72) 
Course length: 4700 meters, 2nd place

Russian Junior Tour 5 (August): 76-77-74 (par 72)
 Course length: 4900 meters, 2nd place 


Russian Junior Tour 2 (May): 78-78-77 (par 72) 
Course length: 5200 meters, 3rd place 

Russian Junior Tour 3 (June): 77-81-77 (par 72) 
Course length: 5300

Finnish International Championship U16 (June): 80-77-cancelled (par 72)
 Course length: 5400

Russian Junior Championship (August): 81-78-79 (par 72) Course length: 5300 meters, 2nd place

Russian Presidents Cup (September): 75-81-82 (par 72)
 Course length: 5500 meters, 1st place 


Golf Tech Tour (April): 82-80-75

The Moscow Championship 76-77 (par 72) Course length: 5734 meters, 1st place

The Russian Junior Tour 72-79-73 (par 72) Course length: 5300 meters


Russian Open Championship 74-77-74-78 (par 72) Course length: 5600 Metres, 1st place

Spartakiada 75-70-72, Course length: 5000 meters, 2nd place

Russian Junior Open Championship 71-73-73 (par 72). Course length: 5250, 1st place

Club Distances

Driver – 220 meters

3 wood – 200 meters

Hybrid 19 – 185 meters

5 iron – 160 meters

6 iron – 150 meters

7 iron – 140 meters

8 iron – 130 meters

9 iron – 120 meters

PW – 113 meters

Awards, press

I was interviewed while I was playing The Junior Open

Link to video

What makes you different?

I have dedicated all my life to golf and education. I am not afraid of difficulties, they make me stronger. I am ready to work always and everywhere. I am an unstoppable person with high goals. I want to work as hard as possible.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I want to compete in college because it’s the best way to combine a good university course and improve my game.

College Goals?

My goal is to win a NCAA championship with the university team.

Anything else we should know?

My life goal is to compete in LPGA and to win the Olympic Games.