Kyla Pullen

July 23, 1999

About Athlete

I am an outgoing, confident women who is always looking for a new challenge and adventure to tackle. I am a dedicated and motivated athlete who has the ability to produce results both academically and in the sporting field due to determination and perseverance. My objective is to combine my academic studies and sporting talents to achieve and perform a successful career. I feel that attending a college in the US will allow me to achieve the goals I have set for myself and I will be afforded the opportunity to push myself to measures that I could only dream of. I would love to have this opportunity to use my talents, skills and knowledge to contribute towards the culture of a college. Rowing has helped me develop great time management skills and I feel this could be put to use at a college in the US. I enjoy rowing as it is not only a physical challenge but a mental challenge as well. I feel rowing provides a balance in one’s life and can teach someone many different skills.


High School Grades:

English 67%

Math 51%

Afrikaans 62%

Biology 66%

Science 53%

Geography 59%

University Grades:

First Semester

Project Management 83%

Accounting Aspects 88%

Human Resource Management 63%

Strategic Management 58%

Second Semester

Environment of Business 61%

Financial Risk 50%

Operational Risk 60%

Risk Management 66%


Teams & Statistics

U14 – 3:56.6 (1km)

U15 - 3:49.1 (1km)

U16 – 8:02 (2km)

Junior Opens – 7:55 (2km)

Senior Opens – 7:30 (PB 2km)

20:10.2 5km (2017)

24:16 6km (2018)

Times in 2-

-250 (1:47.3 average split for 10x250m)

-500 (1:51 average split for 4x500m)

-1000 (1:54 average split for 6x1000m)

-2000 (7:24.8 average split of 1:51)

Times in 1x

-1000 (3:59.7)

-2000 (8:06)

Max Watt test

-drag factor 190 (512 watts)

-drag factor 110 (396 watts)

Wingspan: 5ft 6in 


Gauteng Squad member 2017

Junior National Squad member 2017

Competed at World Rowing Junior Championships 2017 in the JW2- and placed 6th in the B final at the event.

Competed at Gauteng Schools Rowing Championships 2011-2016 with the following results:

JWu14 1x Silver (rowed as an u13)

JWu14 2x Silver (rowed as an u13)

JWu14 4x+ Silver (rowed as an u13)

JWu14 1x Gold

JWu14 2x Gold

JWu14 4x+ Gold

JWu15 1x Gold

JWu15 2x Gold

JWu15 4x+ Gold

JWu16 1x 4th

JWu16 2x Bronze

JWu16 4x+ Silver

JWu19 1x (didn’t compete due to shin splints)

JWu19 2x (didn’t compete due to shin splints)

JWu19 4x+ (didn’t compete due to shin splints)

JWu19 1x Bronze (2016)

JWu19 2x Bronze (2016)

JWu19 4x+ Bronze (2016)

Competed at South African Schools Rowing Championships 2012-2017 with the following results:

JWu14 1x Silver (rowed as an u13)

JWu14 2x Silver (rowed as an u13)

JWu14 4x+ First (rowed as an u13)

JWu14 1x Gold

JWu14 2x Gold

JWu14 4x+ Gold

JWu15 1x Gold

JWu15 2x Gold

JWu15 4x+ Gold

JWu16 1x Bronze

JWu16 2x Bronze

JWu16 4x+ Silver

JWu19 1x Silver (2016)

JWu19 2x Bronze (2016)

JWu19 4x+ Bronze (2016)

JWu19 2- Bronze (2017)

JWu19 2x 4th (2017)

JWu19 4x+ Silver (2017)

Competed at Gauteng Senior Rowing Championships 2017-2018

Competed at South African Senior Rowing Championships 2017-2018

Awards, press

Merit Scroll – Grade 8

Half Colours – Grade 9

Full Colours – Grade 10, 11, 12

National Colours – Grade 12

Honours – Grade 12

Best age group sculler – u14, u15, u16, Opens

Oarswomen of the Year – u14, u15, Junior Open and Senior Open

Sportswomen of the year – Valediction 2017

I have been featured in the local newspapers three times for representing the country, being awarded oarswomen of the year and for receiving honors for rowing at school.

Additional sporting info

Throughout my school career I played hockey for the A teams and first team as well as participated at a provincial level.


What makes you different?

I am a determined and motivated athlete from South Africa with a huge passion for rowing. Along with my talent and knowledge gained over the years I have had the privilege of representing my Country. I am a diligent worker both in the classroom and on the sports field. I feel it requires a large amount of perseverance and maturity to not only row but to maintain good academic marks as rowing is a very time consuming sport. I am always looking to better my abilities and push my goals to a higher standard. I work well under pressure and I am able to apply myself in all fields and produce the results required and I am always willing to tackle a new adventure with open arms.

Why do you want to compete in college?

Competing in college requires a different level of skills and I would like to tackle this challenge and be able to achieve my goals and aspirations in life. I love to compete and I feel that my competitive nature will be put to good use as I will be able to discover what I am capable of and how much further I can push myself.

College Goals?

I would like to become a valuable team member and help the team achieve the goals set out. My competitive nature and passion for rowing has driven me to wanting to compete at a high level and I’m constantly looking for more. It’s a dream of mine to row professionally and I have set many goals for myself to improve my knowledge and skills. I have grown up always looking to better what I do and it is a goal and a dream to push myself to a limit I have dreamt about and now make it a reality.

Throughout school I always had an interest for Biology and the structure and function of the human body which has lead me to want to find out more and improve my knowledge on the phenomenon of the human body. I would like to achieve the marks I am capable of in an environment that motivates myself to always strive for more.

Anything else we should know?

Awarded Sportswomen of the year 2017.

Awarded Full Colours blazer for rowing in 2015 and then re-awarded it in 2016 and 2017.

Awarded Honors blazer for representing South Africa in 2017.

Awarded Oarswomen of the year 2012-2017.

Awarded diligence award for consistent academic work 2013-2014.

I have completed over 85 hours of community service throughout high school which included working at an old age home, working with new born babies at an orphanage, working at an animal shelter and handing out food to the less fortunate at Stop Hunger Now.

Awarded four awards for community service including a bronze, silver and gold award as well as service honors.