Kyle Elliott

Track and Field
March 26, 2004


About Athlete

I’ve been playing all kinds of sports ever since I can remember. No matter in which sport I have participated I have done well and achieved. I am very hard working and highly motivated on and off any sporting field, being the best I can be. I love playing for teams and pushing myself to achieve the best I can. The American Colleges will offer me the first class opportunity to complete my studies and help me achieve my dreams of going to the Olympics.


Academic course - IEB
Math Core
EGD Economic Graphic Design
Business Studies
Life Orientation


High Jump | Long Jump | 400m


Sub – Youth League 27/10/2018

Boys U/15 High Jump 3rd place 1.6m

Top 30 Curro Schools – 2018/02/15

U/15 High Jump - set new record 1.61


School Event – 09/02/2019, 400m 57.2 sec, 1st place

Mpumalanga Provincial(State) Championship - 09/03/2019

U/15 High Jump 3rd place


Made top 20 Curro School team *competition cancelled due to COVID


04TH Feb

  • High Jump – 1.75 m
  • 400m –  55.45 sec

18th Feb

  • High Jump 1.75m
  • 400m 56.13 sec

25th Feb

  • High Jump – 1.80m
  • 400m 58.19sec

Awards, press


MUSSA Top 3 Provincial(State) with Full Colours

Best junior athlete

Big Schools Top 30 Curro team


Top 10 Curro Team – competing stopped COVID 19

Best jump 1.75m in competition 2020 – AGN Meet

In Practice 1.82m in 2020

400m 57.02 sec in 2019 in competition

400m 54 sec in 2020 practice


1.84 on a five step (Short run up)

Additional sporting info


1st Team for the last 2 years

Represented Mpumalanga Province(State) for U/15 and U/17 teams

Received full colours for Golf

Current Handicap 9.5

Hockey 1st Team 2020 for my School

Cricket 1st Team 2020 for my school

Top 20 Athletics Team 2019 & 2020

Played Tennis for 1st Team in Grade 8

Additional videos

What makes you different?

Since I have received proper coaching, over the last 8 months, I have realized what I am capable of achieving vast improvement in terms of the height I can jump, in very a short space of time. With my Height and a lot of hard work I believe I am capable of achieving anything I set my mind to 😊 but mostly…My Coach has identified that I am a hard worker and a disciplined athlete. I still feel I haven’t reached my full potential. I have learnt how to cope during the good and the bad, which I think is key to success and me being different...

Why do you want to compete in college?

Competing in US college Athletics is a dream of mine and being able to train all year round with correct facilities will make a huge difference in my growth as an athlete … which would ultimately widen my opportunities into more competitive athletics… delivering possibilities of being part of a Team, assisting the Team to a championship. In building close relationships with coaches along the way I know it will also help me reach my full potential and goals for High Jump, 400m and possibly other events… which will ultimately lead me to become a professional Athlete.

College Goals?

My college goals are to represent my College and help and support the Team in achieving the College’s goals. I would like to study and achieve a degree or diploma in Sports Science or Architecture (I haven’t decided yet). During my stay at College, I look forward to work on my physical and mental state, to improve my day-to-day routine.

Anything else we should know?

Ever since I started jumping when I was 10 years old, with only a few tips as guidance on how to jump from a high school student, I knew that this sport was in my blood and meant for me.

Only in the last 8 months have I received coaching from one of South Africa’s top high Jump Coaches, who has shown me what I am truly capable of achieving.