Laiken Brisset

Field Hockey
March 27, 2004


About Athlete

Coming from a previously disadvantaged background brought its own set of unique challenges. I was taught to rise above what my eye could see, persevere through any and every adversity and overcome whatever obstacle that was brought my way 

Achieving my academic and sporting goals never came easy through these times, growing up sharing a 4 x 3m room with my 2 siblings and 2 cousins, I remember the days of having to get up at 4am weaving between bodies in the dark room to find my boots, kit or my books. This did not phase me though because I knew that very soon these bodies were my strength to get through the very hard days. Mentally I had set myself goals and step by step, day by day with the love and support of my parents and siblings I saw my dreams realising through the hard work, commitment, perseverance but most of all the passion for this amazing game shine through. 

Discipline through my early mornings and late scholastic nights, my selflessness taught by my large extended family requirement allowed me to understand the importance of being a team player but most of all my mindset to win.


IEB Examination
English 82%
Afrikaans 80%
Maths 85 %
Physical science 93%
Business Studies 76%
Geography 74%
Life Orientation 79%
Term Average is 81 %

SAT Total Score


  • Selected as U16 indoor Top Ten African All star player (2019)
  • U16 outdoor HP South African hockey squad (2019)
  • U17 Outdoor HP South African squad (2020)
  • Selected for U21 State (KZN) outdoor squad (2020)
  • Played premier league hockey at the age of 14
  • School Indoor and outdoor junior player of the year 2018
  • School Senior Outdoor player of the year 2019
  • Starting lineup for U16 South Africa HP squad against Kearsney 1st team (2019)
  • Played 1st game for school 1st XI team at age 13.
  • Played alongside Captain of the South African indoor Hockey team at outdoor Club level.
  • Winners of the Regional Spar tournament. First time school won in the history of the tournament 2019.
  • Won Gold medal for outdoor National tournament (2017)
  • Captained the u14 State side (2018)
  • Won silver for outdoor national tournament (2018)
  • Won gold medal for outdoor national tournament (2019)
  • Won gold medal for indoor national tournament 2016,2017,2018,2019
  • Toured Netherlands along with other SA HP players under the guidance of ex SA player
  • Winners u14 “A” side field hockey League. First time in the 19 year history of my school’s establishment.

Awards, press

Additional sporting info

Additional sporting info
Junior gymnast of the year X2
KZN State Netball player of the year 2018
KZN State Players player of the year 2018

What makes you different?

I play for my team. My thinking is strategic and tactical. I’m strong minded and I don’t give up, I have a winning mentality. My size is deceiving which gives me an advantage as people underestimate my ability.

Why do you want to compete in college?

The level of competition in South Africa is very limited. With D1 college level sport I will be exposed to a larger competition pool.

College Goals?

Academically, I would like to achieve an internationally recognized honors degree. Sports wise, I would like to leave with an immense amount of knowledge about the game and maybe a trophy or two.