Laura Wappelhorst

June 23, 2001


About Athlete

I am 100% passionate about rowing and my love for this sport pushes me to work harder every day.  


Following NCAA guidelines Laura’s GPA would meet U.S. requirements.


2k Erg: 7:34 (2018)

6k Erg: 25:41 (2018)

German youth championship 2018 (Cologne):

Eight - #6

(Coxless four)

International long distance (6k): “D’inverno sul Po” 2018: (Torino, Italia)

Eight - #3 (with state team/squad)

German high school championship 2018:

Double scull - #1

Single scull - #1

German youth championship 2017 (Munich):

Double scull

Coxless Four

(350m) Quadruple Four - #3

Long Distance 2017: (6k)

Double scull - #1

Double scull - #2

German high school championship 2017:

Double scull - #1

Single scull - #1

German youth championship 2016 (Hamburg):

Single scull (lightweight)

What makes you different?

In order to have the best circumstances to follow my athletic goals, I joined the “Sportinternat Münster”, a sports boarding school in my home country, when I was 15 years old. The cooperation with an NRW-sports school offers me the opportunity to focus on rowing and to train up to ten times per week, all while staying focused on my academic goals. I believe that this institution is the perfect preparation for what to expect from being a student-athlete in the USA.

I already gained strong time management skills and the academic expectations are high in Germany, so I’ve always been a dedicated student.

I am self-motivated and disciplined to train and study, I set goals, and always work hard to achieve them. I am used to taking responsibility for my own sporting outcomes and always try to positively contribute to the team.

Why do you want to compete in college?

My dream has always been to become a collegiate athlete in the United States since I believe that it is the perfect opportunity to reach my full potential both as an athlete and as a student.

Competing in college would offer me the surroundings to reach my sporting aims as well as my academic potential. I am highly motivated to join an American team and to do my very best in order to succeed.

The USA is a kind of “dreamland” to me and it would be amazing to join its culture and way of life. Additionally, I could improve my language skills.

College Goals?

I want to choose a path where I can combine my athletic goals with a successful university education. I wish to become a Bachelor of Science in industrial engineering in the United States. Afterwards I will continue my university education in order to become a Master of Industrial Engineering. Another plan, I have not fully decided yet, would be to get my degree in economics. I really like the facts that in the US I could first start with the general requisites and then later on decide which path I want to take.

After I finish my university degree(s), which to me would not mean to stop educating myself,

I want to stay focused on my career. I could imagine working in a company, trying to become a manager. I could also see myself continuing my rowing career after finishing my Masters degree before I start working full time.

Socially, I would love to join an American team and become good friends with my teammates. Obviously starting a life in a new country would be a challenge as well, thus having close relationships with my teammates would be extremely important to start feeling at home at my future school. I am also looking forward to exploring and traveling the United States.

Anything else we should know?

I am a very athletic person and I have always been a multisport athlete.

Before I joined the rowing team in my home town, I played volleyball for about eight years. I also played volleyball competitively.

In Germany we do a lot of weight lifting and my physical strengths has become my forte. I am also extremely strong minded, and I am a very coachable athlete, who wants to be pushed.