Laurenz Ruf

November 14, 2003

About Athlete

You don‘t get what you wish for – you get what you work for!  


Following NCAA guidelines Laurenz’s GPA would convert to a 2.7 U.S. equivalent.


German Team Championship AK 16 September 14-15, 19 at GC Hechingen, Germany #2 (team), score: 75 (all other results team results) German Championship AK 16 September 6-8, 19 at GC Reischenhof, Germany #23, scores: 71/76/74 2nd Annual Summer World Championship August 3-5, 19 at Orange County National Golf Club in Winter Garden, FL #5, scores: 71/69/72 Disney Summer Junior Open July 27-28, 19 at Lake Buena Vista, FL #2, scores: 70/75 Pre-Qualifying for German Championship AK 16 July 12-14, 19 at GC Spessart, Germany # 9, scores: 75/75/76 German Team Championship AK 16 July 6-7, 19 at GC Wasserburg-Anholt, Germany #2, scores: 73/78 (team ended up being #1) Boys Regional Team Championship  June 28-30, 19 at GC Fleesensee, Germany #3 (team): score: 77 (all other results matchplays) Katjes Youth Cup June 20, 19 at Golfclub Wasserburg-Anholt, Germany #3, score: 72 Qualification Tournament AK 16 June 15/16, 19 at Duesseldorfer Golfclub, Duesseldorf, Germany #14, scores: 75/84 Austrian Juniors Golf Tour May 31 to June 2, 19 at Golfclub Salzkammergut, St. Wolfgang, Austria #2, scores: 76/71/74 German Golf League May 12, 19 at Golfclub Grafenberg, Duesseldorf, Germany #2, score: 70 Qualification Tournament AK 16 May 4/5, 19 at Dortmunder Golfclub, Dortmund, Germany #3, scores: 75/75 The Junior Honda Classic Boys PGA National Resort and Spa - Fazio Course Jan. 5/6, 19 at Palm Beach Gardens, FL #24, scores: 81/79 German Junior Championship Sept. 14-16, 18 at GC Teutoburger Wald, Germany # 25, scores: 82/74/83 German Junior Golf Tour July 23-26, 18 in Leipzig, Germany #15, scores: 82/79/84/76 NRW Championship June 8-10, 18 in Duesseldorf, Germany #17, scores: 81/76/74 Currently #6 in German Golf Ranking List (age group 15) German Junior Team Championship 2018 - #2 German Junior Team Championship 2017 - #2 German Junior Team Championship 2016 - #1

What makes you different?

My never ending passion for golf!

I am fully dedicated to my education and sport. Once I heard about the possibility of studying and playing golf in the U.S. I knew right away that this is what I wanted to do. I spent numerous vacations in the U.S. to play golf with my father and it has always been the best time of my life.

Why do you want to compete in college?

The combination of education and my favorite sport is just perfect. The possibilities in the U.S. are unbeatable in that regard. Also, the fact that there are more students with the same educational goals and interest in golf makes it even better.

College Goals?

I will work hard to get the best possible education so that my professional future will allow me to pursue a career that I will be passionate about.

Anything else we should know?

I would like to become a professional golfer and play as a PGA tour pro. Meeting great people along the way, playing with the best and travelling will definitely open up my mind even more. Later in life, of course I hope to have a family with at least two golf crazy kids - so I will be able to continue what my father did with me and my siblings: he got us "infected“ with golf.