Lauri Juhana Suomalainen

April 9, 2002


About Athlete

My objective is to play golf as much as possible and still have the chance for good academic studies. I want to make an impact on what I do and I’m really motivated to achieve my goals. I have dedicated all my free time to golf and academic studies and my dream is to study in the US.


Math C, English B, Science C, Geography B, History C, Psychology B

SAT Total Score
TOEFL Total Score
96 out of 120


  • EGR ranking U21: 1418
  • FJAR ranking 2020: 37 out of 417


  • Fujitsu Finnish Junior Tour Lyöntipeli SM 18v (KG) 84,79,84 25th
  • Future Tour 4: (RuG) 4th, 77
  • Future Tour 5. (SaG) 6th, 73
  • Fujitsu Finnish Junior Tour 6. (TawG) 47th, 76,80,83


  • Fujitsu Finnish Junior Tour 2. (StLG) 46th, 82,78
  • Fujitsu Finnish Junior Tour 3. (HillSide) 51th 82,77
  • Fujitsu Finnish Junior Tour 5. Lyöntipeli SM, 15th, 78,85,77
  • Fujitsu Finnish Junior Tour 8. (KoskiG) 18th, 77,76
  • Fujitsu Finnish Junior Tour 10. Final (Gpi) 49th 79,83,79
  • Junior Challenge Tour 1. (HillsideG) 5th, 76
  • Junior Challenge Tour 2. (KurkG) 8th, 81
  • Junior Challenge Tour 3. (NGK) 4th, 77
  • Junior Challenge Tour 5. (PGCK) 9th, 76
  • Junior Challenge Tour 6. (StLg) 3rd, 76


  • 2020 Estonian Junior Open U18 2nd Place(EGCC) 74,74,73
  • 2020 Fujitsu Junior Tour 9th Place(HGCC) 77,77,76
  • 2020 Fujitsu match Play U18 5th Place (KarG)
  • 2019 Fujitsu Junior Tour 8th Place (KarG) 76,74
  • 2019 Fujitsu Match Play U18 9th Place (SHG)


  • Audi PGA Finnish Tour qualifier 2021 (Stlg) 77,80 26th
  • Finnish Tour II (SHG) 83,73 
  • Finnish Tour III (Hills) 75,74
  • Finnish Tour FINAL, AUDI PGA Finland Championship 2021 77,70
  • Fujitsu Finnish Junior Tour 1. (Kg) 78,84,73 43th
  • Fujitsu Finnish Junior Tour 2. (Salo) 77,72,75 11th
  • Fujitsu FJT MatchPlay Finland Championship Boys 21v 5-8th 
  • Fujitsu Finnish Junior Tour 5. (Ege) 78,77,80 15th
  • Future Tour 5: West, (HGCC) 77 5th
  • Finnish Amateur- The Erkko Trophy 2021 (HGK) 74,79 

Club distances

Driver 280m

3 wood 230m

3 iron 200m

4 iron 185m

5 iron 175m

6 iron 165m

7 iron 155m

8 iron 145m

9 iron 135m

Pitch 120m

50* wedge 110m

54* wedge 105m

58* wedge 95m

Awards, press

I got a local award for my sports success few years back. It was published in the local newspaper.

Instagram: @lauri_suomalainen 

What makes you different?

Golf is my passion and I’m highly motivated to work and study hard to achieve my goals. Golf will be a big part of my life always. I’ve set my goals for the future and after high school is done I can spend all my time practicing.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I want to compete in college golf because the level of sports in college is high in amateur sports. College will give me new perspectives from new people and it gives me an idea how I want to keep improving my game constantly. In college, I can also compete against the best amateur golfers of my age which gives a good boost for practice.

College Goals?

In college, I want to study something to do with technical side or marketing and get a degree in it. As a golfer, I want to keep improving myself and compete in high tier events and achieve great things.

As a golfer I also want to improve our team and win a tournament and show everyone that I can do it.

Anything else we should know?

I was top 5 in tennis when I was around 13 but had a serious injury and had to stop playing.