Lavrans Broen Holm

April 7, 2005


About Athlete

My name is Lavrans Broen Holm and I’m a player from Tønsberg, Norway. My main goal for college is to be able to play golf at the highest competitive level possible and at the same time get a good education. I believe that I’m a guy who will have a good success at college because I’m a guy that likes to talk to new people




Nøtterøy GK
Vestfold GK



Junior Club champion (Nøtterøy GK), (2023)

Club championship open class 2nd (Nøtterøy GK), (2023)

Club Championship, Nøtterøy GK, 6800 yards. 75, 69. 1st and 2nd (2023)

Norwegian Team Championship Division 1, Onsøy GK, 6100 yards, 1st (2023)

Junior Norwegian Championship, Larvik GK, 6900 yards. 76, 68, 75. 12th (2023)

Srixon Tour, Moss & Rygge GK, 7000 yards. 73, 71, 82. 8th (2023)

Srixon Tour, Sola GK, 6900 yards. 76, 74 71. 12th (2023)

Srixon Tour, Asker GK, 5600 yards. 73, 73, 70. 16th (2023)


Club Champion open class (Vestfold GK), (2022)

Club Champion, Vestfold GK, 7000 yards. 73, 71, 76. 1st (2022)

Norwegian Championship Qualifier, Gamle Fredrikstad GK, 6900 yards. 75. 1st (2022)

Norwegian Championship, Gamle Fredrikstad GK, 6900 yards. 74, 71, 73, 75. 27th (2022)

Srixon Tour, Stavanger GK, 6300 yards. 80, 73, 70. 18th (2022)


Club Champion, Tønsberg GK, 4400 yards. 61, 59, 68. 1st and 1st (2021)

Club Champion open class and junior Club Champion (Tønsberg GK), (2021)




Additional sporting info

My hcp is +1,0 and my scoring average is 74,73 this far in the 2023 season.

Personal Best

In a tournament, my personal best score is 68, but at a friendly match my lowest is 64
I won the Norwegian team championship with 20 strokes with my club Nøtterøy gk in Division 1
My best placement in a tournament is 8th with scores of 73, 71 and 82
In the junior Norwegian championship, I came 12th with scores of 76, 68, and 75.

What makes you different?

The main thing that makes me different from others is that I hit the ball far and that I’m a hard worker in the gym. I started with my work in the gym at the age of 14 years old and I’ve been working hard ever since.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I want to compete in college because I want to compete at the highest level and at the same time get a nice education at the same time. Also, since I’m a student from Norway I would also like to be able to experience a new culture and a different society.

College Goals?

My goals for college are to become the best golfer I can become and get a good education at the same time. I would also love to be able to make new friends and to experience new things



Norwegian team championship

The team had five players and we won by 20 strokes