Arham Ali

July 5, 2005


About Athlete

I am a freshman at Iowa State University. I am originally from Bangalore, Karnataka, India. However, I am currently living in Ames, Iowa, to attend college. I started playing golf during the winter of 2021 and have been participating in state-level tournaments in my home country, where I held a 10 handicap. Over time, my skills have improved significantly, and I’ve reduced my handicap to 4. I stay committed to practice every week and strive to improve my game further.



SAT Total Score

I have played individually and Locally in club and state tournaments but was not part of any team.
I have participated in South Zone Tour Golf tournaments where I have been able to improve every tournament.


SZ-Tour OGC Junior Tournament (Oct '22): 88,91 (6th place)

SZ-Tour Zion Hills Junior Tournament(Dec '22): 78,81 (5th place)

SZ-Tour JWGC Junior Tournament(Apr '23): 82,85 (5th place)

Prestige Augusta Junior Golf Tournament (Jun '23): +2 (Winner)

Additional sporting info

I am an International Skater and I-league Soccer back in India.

Personal Best

My personal best in a tournament back in India was a 7 over (78); this was about 6 months ago, but I'm looking for a new personal best score. I haven't gotten a chance to prove myself as I haven't participated in any amateur individual tournaments since I moved out of India.

What makes you different?

Several factors contribute to my unique golfing prowess, setting me apart from other players. My rapid improvement, unwavering commitment to training, and genuine passion for the sport have propelled me towards golfing excellence.

Swift Progress: My ability to grasp new concepts and techniques quickly has been a defining characteristic of my golfing journey. I possess a knack for absorbing and applying new skills, allowing me to make remarkable strides in a relatively short period. This innate ability to learn has accelerated my progress, enabling me to reach levels that would typically take others years to achieve.

Dedicated Training: My success is not merely a product of natural talent; it is also a testament to my unwavering dedication to training. I approach each practice session with unwavering focus and determination, meticulously refining my technique and honing my skills. Rain or shine, I remain steadfast in my commitment to self-improvement, ensuring that my progress remains consistent and unwavering.

Genuine Passion: Unlike many other golfers who may view the sport as a mere pastime, I harbour a deep-seated passion for golf. It is not just a game I play; it is an integral part of my being, a source of both joy and fulfilment. This genuine passion fuels my drive to excel, motivating me to push my limits and reach new heights in the sport.

I am passionate about golf and have been training hard, leading to rapid improvement. I have a unique perspective on the game and an unwavering determination to succeed. With continued practice, I am confident that I will achieve great success in golf and create unforgettable moments.

Why do you want to compete in college?

Challenge and Growth: Competing at the collegiate level presents an unparalleled opportunity to test my skills against the best young golfers in the country. This exposure to top-tier competition will undoubtedly push me to new heights, forcing me to refine my technique, enhance my mental fortitude, and develop a deeper understanding of the game.

Teamwork: College golf is not just about individual achievements; it is also about building lifelong friendships and fostering a strong sense of camaraderie among teammates that encourages mutual growth and success.

Academic Excellence: College golf offers the exceptional opportunity to combine my passion for athletics with a rigorous academic pursuit.

Personal Development: Competing in college golf will undoubtedly accelerate my personal growth and development. The challenges and triumphs I experience on and off the course will shape me into a more resilient, determined, and well-rounded individual.

Future Opportunities: Competing at the collegiate level will open doors to a plethora of future opportunities, both within the sport of golf and beyond. The skills, experiences, and connections I gain will serve as valuable assets as I navigate my professional and personal life.

College Goals?

Athletic Goals:
1. I aspire to become a consistent and formidable competitor in the collegiate golf arena. This entails consistently posting low scores, contributing to team victories, and making a significant impact on the program's overall success.
2. Refine My Golfing Technique: I am committed to continuously refining my golfing technique, leaving no stone unturned in my pursuit of perfection.
Academic Goals:
1. Maintain a High GPA
2. I am eager to explore my academic interests and delve into challenging courses that will broaden my intellectual horizons and prepare me for my future endeavors.

Anything else we should know?

My dedication to academics, passion for golf, and unwavering commitment to personal growth make me an ideal candidate for your esteemed institution. I am confident that I will contribute positively to both the academic and athletic communities at your college.



Iowa State Universtiy Ames, Iowa (University)


University Freshman in Industrial Engineering




Prestige Augusta junior tournament

WINNER Shot a 2 over to secure 1st place in a one day tournament.

Prestige Augusta junior tournament

RUNNER UP Shot a 5 over to secure 1st Runner up in a one-day tournament.

Monthly Medal Winner

Have won many monthly medals throughout the year 2022-2023.