Leif Breede

October 17, 2005


About Athlete

Hello coaches,

My name is Leif and I am a 17-year-old German golfer.
I started playing Golf at the age of 7 thanks to my dad at the elite Hamburger Golfclub Falkenstein, which is my home club to this day. I am very lucky to be in a club that is only a 10 minutes bike ride away from my home and has a lot of talented junior players as well as professional coaches with great knowledge.

From the age of 10, I stopped playing field hockey, which was my main sport at the time, to fully pursue my passion of becoming a golf professional.
I am very determined and disciplined in the things I am passionate about which is why I already practiced from morning to night as a small kid and often found myself to be the first out and last in, especially in the cold winter of Germany. I am very competitive in everything I do and always driven to be the best. Additionally, I just have great fun when playing golf and love being out there with my friends and very privileged to do what I love every day on a high level.

In 2015 I joined the under 12 boys junior team of my home club and I have been part of the junior team of the same club ever since. We have achieved great success from early on by winning all regional team championships from 2015-2021 and in 2017 I was part of the under 14 German National Team Championship at the age of 11. We have qualified for that tournament every year possible and done well so that we could always at least call ourselves the Top 10 best Junior Team in Germany. I very much enjoy being in a team because of the competition against each other, the fun that comes with it and success is always a lot better when you get to share it with great friends.

In 2017 I started playing in important regional and national tournaments, as well as starting to learn what it’s like playing internationally. I love the competition and always found myself learning a lot from competing and gaining motivation from good and bad results to get better and improve every day. Nowadays I only play in WAGR tournaments with great fields of players to play against the best and see where I have to get to.

In September 2022 I moved to the South of Spain to the Jason Floyd Golf Academy and the Sotogrande International School where I will stay until my graduation in 2025. I decided to go here because of the benefits of great weather all year round, great facilities and coaches which help me improve my golf game technically, physically and mentally. I also have access to prestige tournaments that are either hosted by the academy or assisted by. The Sotogrande International School has a program for athletes like myself that helps us best to prepare ourselves to go to US colleges and balance academics with the sport. This combination will consequently help me fulfill my dream of going to college, become a successful professional and most importantly a better person.




Hamburger Golfclub Falkenstein Junior Team (2015-2023)

Hamburger Golfclub Falkenstein Mens Team (2023-present)
--> Playing in the Highest Ranked German Golf League/1. Bundesliga (1 of 8 Golf Clubs), 21x German National Team Champions, 2x European Club Champions


2021 - Scoring Average 76.5

Tournament Position R1 R2 R3 Score +/- Course
Youth Championship North Region Boys 17 75 77 152 +10 Golfclub Hamburg-Ahrensburg
German Championship Preliminary round Boys U16 T10 81 68 71 220 +4 Golfclub Rhein-Wied
Berlin Juniors International 14 75 80 76 231 +15 Golfpark Schloss Wilkendorf
Hamburg Individual Championship  21 73 85 77 235 +22 Hamburger Golfclub Falkenstein
German National Championship U16 T24 79 76 78 233 +17 Osnabrücker Golfclub


2022 - Scoring Average 74.75

Tournament Position R1 R2 R3 Score +/- Course EGR Points
1st Qualification German National Championship 5 77 78 155 +11 Golfclub Hoisdorf 347.40
Youth Championship North Region Boys 13 74 75 149 +5 Golfclub am Sachsenwald 207.02
Hamburg Individual Championship U18 6 73 77 150 +8 Hamburger Golfclub Falkenstein 239.72
German Junior Rhein/Ruhr Masters 6 76 76 69 221 +8 Golfclub Hösel 249.05
Falkenstein International Junior Open 7 69 76 76 221 +8 Hamburger Golfclub Falkenstein 221.20
Spanish International Stroke Play Championship U18 26 72 69 73 78 - 292 +8 Club de Golf La Canada 1452.39
Triple A European Masters 22 77 80 78 235 +19 San Roque New Course 104.85



Tournament Position R1 R2 R3 Score +/- Course EGR Points
Triple A European Invitational 7 74 78 82 234 +18 Real Golf Club Sotogrande 164.26
Portuguese Intercollegiate 12 80 79 76 235 +19 Penha Longa Golf  320.72
Atlantic Youth Trophy 2 78 74 74 226 +10 Penha Longa Golf 1150.88
Triple A European Classic 2 73 75 76 224 +8 San Roque Club (Old Course) 826.50
Triple A European Open 10 76 75 80 231 +15 San Roque Club (Old Course) 262.72
Scottish Boys Open Championship 28 77 72 75


296 +12 Lundin Golf Club 1440.75
XXVII Campeonato Absoluto De La CV



(1st U18)

72 74 80 226 +10 Club de Golf Font del Llop -
German Golf Association - Region North Nr 1 (U18) 5 74 73 - 147 +3 Golf Club Husumer Bucht 545.27
German Golf Association - Region North Nr 2 (U18) 1 70 72 - 142 -2 Golf-Club Hamburg Wendlohe 1261.80
German Golf Association - German Championship preliminary elimination (U18) 24 76 66 73 215 +5 Golfpark Hainhaus -


International Match Play Trophy 2023 23 77 74 - 151 +7 Golf Club             Reischenhof (B-C) 197.65
Möbel Hesse Junior International 2023 2 67 69 71 207 -6 Golfclub Hannover 1251.24

European Golf Ranking Stats (August 2023)

EGR Ranking: 397

Average Score: 72.41

Tournaments played: 15

EGR Points: 8481.42

Additional sporting info


NCAA ID #2303814695

Personal Best


What makes you different?

I grew up always being the smallest in height and I was born at the end of the year which meant having to play against others who are taller, stronger and older. I used to be very annoyed by that but it really helped me become the person I am now because I had to work harder than the others to compete and learn not to be afraid of facing players that are superior. Now that I am as tall or mostly taller than my opponents I have a great advantage of my past.

I am very into golf technique and have a high Golf IQ. I am used to Launch Monitors and have a lot of knowledge about every aspect of them. This has massively helped me coach myself and my friends around me as well as understanding how to hit certain shots, which helped me gain a big repertoire of shots and plan the shots I want to hit.

I am not only very serious about me as a golfer but also me as an athlete. That means I take things like sleep, physical and mental recovery and injury prevention very seriously. I have gained a lot of knowledge about these aspect over the last couple of years, especially recently by getting a whoop band.

Why do you want to compete in college?

In my opinion it is the best next step for me after graduating from school to achieve my academic and golf goals.
I love competing, especially in a team, and would really benefit from the coaches and facilities. Additionally, the future best golfers are playing college golf which gives me the opportunity to compete against the players I want to beat in the long term on the big stage.

College Goals?




Sotogrande International School, Spain

Middle Year Program 5
Jason Floyd Golf Academy

MYP 5 End of Year Report 2023 (0-7) English Language & Literature: 6 - Highly effective Spanish Language and Acquisition: 6 - Highly effective Individuals & Societies: 7 - Highly effective Sciences: 6 - Highly effective Mathematics: 7 - Highly effective Physical Education: 6 - Mostly effective