Lena Seppanen

October 17, 2001

About Athlete

It is important for me to contribute to the team I represent. I find it fulfilling to learn from other people and to get experiences and constantly improve from them. I am a motivated person and I always do my best. If I do something then I am completely confident in my choice and don’t change my mind if it gets hard. I am an academically strong person and I have been doing sports for all my life. I want to combine the two and become a student athlete in college.



SAT Total Score

Teen Tour Future #6 Skane, 09/09/2018, score: 86,84

Junior generationens golf, 18/08/2019, score: 80,81

Juniorserien Hogan, 13/08/2019, score: 75

Teen Tour First #4 Skane, 29/7/2019, score: 87

Titleist sommarserie 3, 15/07/2019, score: 85

Juniorgolf @båstad, 16-19/6/2019, score: 89, 85, 82, 76

Solvesborg lagertavling, 31/5/2019 - 2/6/2019, score: 80, 79 ,79

Teen Tour Future #1,18/5/2019, score: 83

Juniorserien Hogan #2, 12/5/2019, score 85

Mastarmotet, 14/10/2018, score: 85

Ryder Cup: Ledare mot Juniorer, 4/10/2018, score: 78

Teen Tour Future #6 Skane, 09/09/2018, score: 86,84

Teen Tour First #2 Skane, 10/6/2018, score: 86

Stigbertils, 6/6/2018, score: 84

Juniorserien D1 Hogan, 12/5/2018, score: 80


I was awarded The best female junior golfer, BGK, 2015 and 2018. This was why they thought I deserved it:

“Alexandra is one of the juniors who works the most goal oriented with her training. She voluntarily contacted Pro Hakan Svensson and asked if there was an opportunity to practice extra before school and if she could join the local Golf High School practice hours. This commitment has given results and Alexandra lowered her scores remarkably. She competes successfully on the Teen Tour Future, on the JMI, in the BGK junior team and other junior competitions. Her attitude impresses because she keeps working on her weaknesses and has been developing constantly. She is a highly valued member at BGK and is always spreading joy to everyone in her presence.” 

I won the Swedish Teen Rookie Tour in 2016 with 46 points and a net-score of 63.

What makes you different?

I adapt quickly and I am flexible in situations I have no control over. If I have made up my mind about something then I will give everything I have to make it happen. When things get difficult, I don’t lose motivation, instead I work even harder to achieve my goal. For example, I made a commitment to myself last March that I would wake up a 6am and go to the gym every Monday and Wednesday for 2 months. I wanted to see if I had the discipline. I went to the gym every time I had planned to do so and after 2 months I was very proud of myself. It was a great experience.

In a situation with a team I will easily take a leading role, but make sure that everyone feels heard. I think it is important to take advantage of perspectives and listen to others around you to build up the team-spirit. Through golf I have learned to control and use my emotions and my mentality to play better. I always want to make sure that I emit a good feeling to people around me because it makes me happy as well. When situations on the golf course get stressful or hard, I make sure to take a deep breath and do my best. I always do my best in everything.

I have a consistent workout routine. I go to the gym 3 times a week during season, and 4 times during off season. I make my workouts as effective as possible so they last about 45 minutes each. Sometimes I stay longer if it is really fun. During season I practice a good amount each week. The schedule I work with in the summer gives me at least one 18 hole round of golf every week and one 9 hole round where I work with developing my thinking. Each week I try to have something specific in mind to focus on, and then on the 18 hole round in the end of the week I do my best to incorporate it and use it in my game. This gives each practice session a specific focus.

Why do you want to compete in college?

The reason is that I want to be a part of a team. I love the independency of golf but sometimes I really miss having someone to share wins and losses with. Being on a team with a good community makes the whole experience of attending college so much more fun.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I want to win a college tournament and see how much I can develop. I want to learn different ways of managing a course and improve my creativity in golf. I think that will happen automatically when being a part of a team. Everyone has something to offer and a different way of looking at the game.

College Goals?

I believe this makes each player learn something from one another. Academically, I want to work hard to keep my grades and possibly get even better grades than what I have at the moment.

Anything else we should know?

I helped the club pro with the children’s golf camp in the summer of 2018 and 2019.

Not related to my specific sport:

I play the piano in my free time and have been playing for about 12 years. I started a company called piano cat.club a few years ago where people could take online piano lessons.

I graduated with the second best grade in my class in ninth grade and with the fourth best GPA the first year of upper secondary school.

I speak 5 languages: Swedish, English, Finish, Hungarian and almost fluent Spanish.

I am a part of a voluntary organization in the Swedish Air Force FVRF where my team and I won a patrol field competition out of 7 other teams. I also led my team to a win in strategy competition.