Leo Klammer

December 29, 2007


About Athlete

My Name is Leo Klammer I am 15 years old and I am playing since 2023 for Golfclub Gut Rieden. I am half Austrian and half German but a was born in Wiesbaden (Germany). My goal is to win many tournaments with my college team but also to get a solid education. I think I’m a good team player and I’ll have a lot of fun with my teammates but when it gets serious I always do my best to win.


German school system:

German: 3 Spanish: 3 Economic and legal: 2 Music: 2
Mathematics: 3 Biology: 2 Informatics: 1 Religion: 2
Englisch: 3 Chemistry: 2 History: 2 Sport: 1
French: 2 Physics: 2 Art: 2


GC Starnberg 2019-2020 (Youth club champion 2019)
GC Wörthsee 2020-2022
GC Gut Rieden 2023


GC Starnberg 2019/20 mini Team Junior club champion

GC Gut Rieden 2022/23 Junior Club champion

Additional sporting info

I played 2022 my first big tournaments ( Bavarian championships and German championships)

Personal Best

Youth Laser cup GC Wörthsee 81 shots

What makes you different?

Even if I haven't played golf for a few weeks and then an important tournament is coming up, I can still perform at the same level as everyone else.

Why do you want to compete in college?

Because it's always been a dream for me to go to college in the US and play for a team in any case, and when I go to campus in the morning, I can tell myself that I've made it, and I'm ready to work harder than ever to get there.

College Goals?

I want to win as much as I can but also get a solid education.