Louis Van Rooyen

June 22, 2000


About Athlete

It would be an absolute honor to compete in the US as it has been a dream of mine for years. Take the time to believe in me and I guarantee I will take the time to take the college that accepts me to the top.  


Following NCAA guidelines Louis’ GPA would convert to a 3.5 U.S. equivalent.


Handicap: 0

Best score 63 on Wellington golf club (par 72)


Ekurhuleni golf union team (regional team) 2016

Ekurhuleni golf union player of the year 2016

Ekurhuleni golf union average best nett (71.5) 2016

Ekurhuleni golf union 5 × tournament champion

Central Gauteng team (provincial) 2017

Central Gauteng player of the season 2017

Central Gauteng 3× tournament champion

Central Gauteng average 73.7 2017

Leeuwenhof Academy team Captain 2017

Leeuwenhof Academy player of the year 2017

Leeuwenhof Academy first team 2015 /2016 /2017

Gauteng schools golf 2017

Southern Ryder champion 2017

IGT pro tour acceptance (national)

SAJGA 4 ×tournament champion

Hugenote Hoërskool first team captain 2018

Hugenote high school player of the year 2018

Schools champion 2018

Boland Schools golf team 2018

Strand Golf club internal champion

ERPM internal champion


Ekurhuleni challenge 69/71

Glacier series 68/69

Boland schools 67

Eastern Gauteng pro am 74/72

Southern Ryder challenge 68/72

Igt pro tour ebotse challenge 76/70

Igt pro tour erpm challenge 74/69


Conway classic 67

Erpm internal championship 72/72/70

Central Gauteng interprovincials 69/70/68

SAJGA tigers eye 70

Serengeti challenge 67

Strand Golf club stableford 66

IGT pro tour acceptance (national)

SAJGA 4 ×tournament champion

What makes you different?

I am the type of person who finds that mental strength is of paramount importance, this leads to me aspiring to achieve any goal I set my mind upon through hard work, endurance, perseverance and grit. I am a hard worker who does not leave any tasks undone. I believe in teamwork as much as individual work meaning I strive to uplift those around me and help not only physically but emotionally where it is needed. I'm dedicated to the process and to the institution that grants me the opportunity to showcase my talents.

Why do you want to compete in college?

It provides an competitive platform to not only succeed but improve myself, my golf and the college I play for.

College Goals?

All American golfer
National champions
Acceptance to QSchool
Academic achievement

Anything else we should know?

I am fully devoted to whatever I set my mind upon