Louis Gliddon

July 22, 2004


About Athlete

My heart is set on rowing, a sport my family has been involved in for years. Despite rowing being one of the toughest sports in the world, my love, dedication and drive to succeed has only increased. Although I would like to spend every minute on the water, I put many hours into my academics (favorites being maths and physics) as well as finding time for friendships and family.


High School Grades
Term 1
Maths 92%
Physics 93%
Biology 84%
English 84%
Life Orientation 96%
Accounting 67%
Second language 78%

SAT Total Score
Score: 1290 (English 620 and Maths 670)

South African College School - 1st VIII years 2019-2022
Western Province Elite squad 2022



  • South African National Schools Champs | 1st in the 4- and 2nd in the 8
  • Buffalo National Regatta | 1st in the 4-
  • Selborne Sprints regatta | 2nd in the 8


  • South African Nationals U18 pairs | 2nd place
  • Men's B coxless 4 against the universities of Cape Town and Pretoria | 2nd place
  • Somerset erg regatta | 2nd place - 2k time 6:30.9
  • SA Schools boat race | 4th place

2020  (u16)

  • SA Schools Championships | 3rd in the 4-
  • Selbourne sprints | 1st in the 8+, 2nd in the 4-
  • Buffalo Regatta | 2nd in the 4-
  • Western Province Championships | 2nd in the 2-, 2nd in the 4+, 2nd in the 8+(1st team)
  • Boat Race | 4th overall, SACS’s best result in a decade
  • U16 Somerset College erg regatta | 1st place
  • U16 UCT erg regatta | 1st place

2019  (u15)

  • Western Cape Sprint Regatta | 1st in the 4x+, 2nd in the 8x+
  • Alfreds Heads Regatta | 1st in the 4x+, 1st in the 8x+
  • Misverstand Challenge Heads race | 1st in the 4x+, 3rd in the 8x+
  • Misverstand Challenge Sprints race | 1st in the 4x+, 1st in the 8x+
  • Alfreds Sprints Regatta | 2nd in the 8x+
  • Knysna Regatta | 1st in the 8x+

Awards, press

Vice captain for the first team 2021/22 season

Awarded Provincial (state) colors and School colors (Blues) for rowing

Club trophy for Top Oarsman of the 2021/22 season

Certificate for Top u19 Oarsman in South African College High School

1st team tour tie at age 15 for competing in the National Boat Race where our crew achieved the best result in a decade

Award for most committed in u15 SACS rowing



Additional sporting info

I belong to the cycling team for SACS and enjoy running, hiking and working out.

Personal Best

Personal Best Erg times:
2k - 6:30.9
60 minute - 16 047m (1:52.1 split)
5km - 17:38.3

What makes you different?

I come from a rowing family - one uncle is a coach in the UK, another uncle is a boat builder, my grandparents are ex-umpires, my dad is a boat man and my sister rows. This means that I have a better understanding of how boats work, more experience with competition and a keen interest in world rowing and the history thereof.

I live by the water as when I’m not rowing I repair, restore and maintain boats for my sister’s club (PGRC).

I have more water experience than other rowers as I row privately on the off-season on top of the training set by my school club. I cross-train with other sports which helps to prevent injury.

Why do you want to compete in college?

The extent of the competition in America is much bigger than here in South Africa. Rowing for a University for 4 or more years will get me to the right age and skill level to be competing in the Olympics.

College Goals?

By the end of my first season of college I aim to make the 1st 8. During my college years I want to be competing at the top national regattas.

Academically, I aim to excel in the fields of math, science or engineering, whilst gaining as many skills as possible for my future career.

Anything else we should know?

I love music and to play guitar. I enjoy working on building projects such as surfboard racks, chicken coops, furniture, boats, trestles, wacky projects, etc.

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South African College Schools (SACS)

Graduation year: 2022




Top Oarsman of the Season

South African College Schools Trophy awarded to the Best Oarsman of the Club

Full Colours for Rowing

Full Blues colours awarded for winning National Schools Champs and Buffalo National regatta

Western Province Colours for Rowing

Provincial (State) colours for representing the Province at a national regatta in the coxless four as a Tier 1 Elite athlete to trial for Junior World Championships