About Athlete

My name is Lucas Robson and I am a goalkeeper from North Vancouver, Canada. I was born and raised here. I am the eldest of four children. Growing up I was always told to be a role model for my siblings, my dad made sure to instil his and my mothers values into everything I did. Respect, loyalty, hard work and dedication being the primary four.

Those values translated into who I am now and who I was throughout high school. My high school is a school of thirteen hundred people; to my knowledge it is the second biggest one in North Vancouver. In high school I made a point of developing a personal relationship with all my teachers and most of my peers. I did a lot in high school, I participated in 3 clubs, volunteered over a hundred hours a year, took extra courses just because I could, and participated in as many sports as possible. However, in my entire high school experience there are two achievements that make me the most proud. I had the honour of being elected president of the school and student council my grade twelve year. I led a student council of thirty six people and five executive members. We ran countless community and school events while managing an initial budget of thousands of dollars and breaking even on the year. My other proudest moment was having the privilege of being awarded the Gareth Morgan memorial award: an athletic award given out every year to a graduating student. The criteria for the award are outstanding athletic achievement, participation in two sports, outstanding leadership and community service, and a very good academic standing. When my high school coach presented me the award in June of 2023, he cried. It was truly the most humbled and honoured I’ve ever felt.

Outside of school and soccer, I have a very simple life. I love sports, I try to follow as many sports as I can, such as NHL, NFL, F1, MLS, EPL, and more. I am a huge Canucks fan and follow them more than any other team. I also love to cook and listen to music, in every second of my free time I am likely listening to music. When I get a chance to relax, I enjoy watching TV and reading. However, generally I use any free time to get some extra training in.

My history in soccer has been a journey. I first started “playing” before I could walk, my parents would swing me in the living room to kick the ball and I watched it on TV all the time. My first soccer memory is being woken up by my father yelling encouragement at the TV on a Sunday morning. My dad was the big soccer parent in my household. He played and officiated growing up before six knee surgeries ended his playing career. Since then he has coached all of his kids in their youth and achieved a CSC-C licence. When I was ten years old I fell into the goalkeeping path, I hated playing defence but hated it more that we kept getting scored on, so I put the gloves on and never looked back. I gradually developed more and more thanks to some fantastic coaches and mentors. As for the goalkeeper you get today: my strengths in my position are my speed, agility, communication and composure. At university, I want to be apart of a team that is a good group of people off the pitch but is competitive and wants to win on it. I want to go to school in the United States for a few reasons: mainly competition, I want to play this sport at the highest level I possibly can. However, I also want to make connections and friendships with people from all corners of the world and different backgrounds.




2020-2021 - West Van FC Metro 2004
2021 - 2022 - Mountain United FC BCSPL
2022 - Present - Altitude FC L1BC
2022 - Present - FC Faly mens prem


2019 North Shore champions

2022 North Shore champions

2022 AAA North Shore league champions

2021 and 2022 Sea to Sky Zone champions

2021 and 2022 BC Provincial silver medal

2019 Paris World Games silver medal

Additional sporting info

I have had the opportunity to play numerous sports, such as basketball, volleyball, cross country, track and field, gymnastics, mountain biking, downhill skiing and I have a black belt in Taekwondo

Personal Best


What makes you different?

My work ethic, competitiveness and sheer desire to win. Throughout high school I overloaded my schedule with various things and I still managed to be on the field more then 25 hours a week and maintain a very strong academic standing. There is nothing I hate more than losing a game. I am willing to do whatever it takes to win or help the team win.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I want to play at the highest level possible and get a high quality education in the process. I want the camaraderie and competitiveness of the team who's winning games.

College Goals?

I want to win a national championship and positively impact the team all while maintaining a very strong academic standing.

Anything else we should know?

I just genuinely love the game. I have had the opportunity to referee, coach and play soccer. For me it never gets old. I love the process, training, watching film, working out. I enjoy every single moment on the pitch.



École Argyle secondary school


My secondary school education


École Ross Road elementary school


My primary school education



Gareth Morgan Memorial Award

Awarded for excellence on the field and in the classroom, playing multiple sports, leadership within the school, volunteer hours and mentorship of younger students

North Shore First Team All Star

2021 and 2022
Awarded for being apart of the best eleven players on the North Shore (positions not considered).

Argyle boys soccer POTY

Awarded for being the best player of the team

Argyle boys soccer MVP

Awarded for being the most valuable and clutch in big moments.