Lucas Aguayo

March 30, 2001

About Athlete

I’ve been a swimmer when I was 8 years old, I was very good since I trained very hard. Nows a day I would like to do my favorite sport and study at the same time but in Chile this is impossible because you can not do a sport and study at the same time. For this reason I would like study in The United States, there it is possible to do it and it has been my dream.




Complejo Educacional La Reina

  • South American Championship 2015
  • Pacific Cup 2016 (Bronze Medal in 200 IM)
  • Copa austral 2016 
  • Juegos Binacionales 2016
  • ODESUR Juvenil 2017
  • Pacific Cup 2018
  • Juegos Binacionales 2018
  • South American Youth 2019
  • World Schools Championship 2019
  • Pacific Cup 2019