Ludson Maduro

January 14, 1998


About Athlete

My goal is to achieve my bachelor’s degree in the U.S. and carry my determination, discipline, responsibilities, and hard working skills as a contribution to a golf team in college. I am self driven and positive, which helps me manage any obstacle and pursue my dreams.


General play Low Score: Score: 74 | Par: 71 | Total:6453 yds | Course: Tierra del Sol - Aruba

Scoring Average in Tournaments: 78

Current Handicap: +6

Club Distances

Driver: 310 yds/ 280 yds

3 wood: 250 yds/ 235 yds

Hybrid: 220 yds/ 210 yds

4 iron: 215 yds/ 205 yds

5 iron: 200 yds/ 190 yds

6 iron: 185 yds/ 175 yds

7 iron: 170 yds/ 160 yds

8 iron: 155 yds/ 145 yds

9 iron: 140 yds/ 130 yds

P wedge: 130 yds/ 120 yds

58° wedge: 90 yds/ 80 yds

Other athletic information

Baseball at age of 7.

Swimming at age of 9.

Volleyball at age 10.

Basketball at age 11.

I grew up knowing about golf because my father/ grandfather have been playing golf for a while. My grandfather is a golf instructor and that is when I started at the age of 13. Due to my athletic experiences, I have developed great knowledge to be a team player. I practice on a daily basis, and also assist the golf pro at my home course when needed as well.