Luis Rudas Batista

October 16, 2003

About Athlete

My name is Luis Rudas I’m from Panama, I’m playing right now on a juco D1 program and my dream is to become a Professional soccer player and to be able to represent my country, I’m midfielder that emphasizes on the technic with the ball and very good at controlling my body and my turns.




Costa del este sub 18
Cyclones Panama U16 and U23
Alianza de panama U23

Additional sporting info

Im a player that try to give he’s best in every game and life every game like is the last one I’m a very perfectionist player and I train my technic to try to put it in a perfect shape

Personal Best

I’m good as a leader at multitasking and to try to be the perfect as possible for every and practice

What makes you different?

I think what makes me different is the passsion that I have for this game I cannot imagine myself doing other thing that is isn’t related to soccer, and I think that it what makes me do better every single day and to train hard as possible to achieve my goals and I don’t stop until I get it

Why do you want to compete in college?

I want to compete in college level because I think is a great opportunity for me and my soccer level to try to explode all my abilities to the fullest and I think with a good program and a good team that is pushing me to be great everyday it would help to be at my peak

College Goals?

To get my degree in political science and to learn about the world and how the different societies work, and try to maintain my high gpa and make my mom proud that is what it matter for me at the end