Lukas Samuel Lautrup-Nissen

October 9, 2004


About Athlete

My name is Lukas and I am a swedish golf athlete. I have played golf since I was ten years old and since that I have been hooked to this game. After doing many sports when I was younger such as football, tennis and table tennis I decided to pursue golf when I was 14 years old.

I train for more than 25+ hours each week during the summer and I think that combined with good quality is a key for me to achieve my goals of becoming a professional golfer and ultimately reach to golf of playing on PGA TOUR. 

I live in Stockholm where I play at one of the best courses in Sweden called Royal Drottningholms golfclub which arguably has one of the best training facilities in Sweden. 

Today my life is about studying and playing golf and I feel that my game has been taken to another level during the season of 2022. I’m sure I will contribute with both good golf results and as a person to my 



SAT Total Score
TOEFL Total Score

Junior elite team of Drottningholm


Tournaments-scores 2020-2023  Best tournaments: 2023:

  • Slaget om Skåne "The battle for Skåne" #1(2023): First place, score: 69-71 (par)
  • Slaget om Stockholm - final "The battle for Stockholm": Third place, score: 68-71 (+1)
  • Slaget om Stockholm #3"The battle for Stockholm": Third place, score: 72-72 (par)
  • Richard S Johnson Junior Open: Seventh place, score: 69-71 (-4)
  • Svenska Juniortouren Elit: Tenth place, score: 74-72 (+3)


  • Teen tour future #6: First place, score: 73-67 (-6)
  • Teen tour future #3(: First place, score: 72-66-71 (-4)
  • Haverdal Junior Open by PING: Second place, score: 74-67 (-3)
  • Cobra Puma JMI: Second place, score: 72-74


  • SGDF Junior Challenge Elite #1(2021) : First place, score: 68 (-1) (Corona competition)
  • Teen tour future #6(2021) Second place, score: 66-69 (-9)

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Additional sporting info

Club distances Carry numbers on trackman (yards):

60 degree wedge - 85

56 degree wedge - 99

50 degree wedge - 115

Pitching wedge - 130

9 iron - 146

8 iron - 159

7 iron - 171

6 iron - 182

5 iron - 192

4 iron - 205

3 hybrid - 225

3 wood - 246

Driver - 268

Personal Best

Nr 45 ranked player in Sweden in the ages 13-21 years old

Nr 12 ranked player in Sweden for people born in 2004

Average tournament score 2023: 72.8

Average tournament score 2022: 73.5

Lowest rounds: 66, 66, 67, 67

Lowest 9 hole score: 30(-6)

What makes you different?

My determination to always work the hardest due to my high motivation to always reach my full potential. I hate losing and I think that’s something that pushes me to work even harder. Talent is something that never will outperform hard work. Something I have always done is competing and have always liked and therefore it’s very natural to me and I think that’s a big key to why I can handle many high pressure situations. I have also heard from friends and coaches that I have an ability to see possibilities instead of obstacles which is something that I think is vastly connected to my improved golf results. I rarely drink alcohol and am not that interested in partying, which I think is something that has led to the fact that I can and will be a lot more effective with my time, which certainly has played a big factor to where I have got to this date.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I want to compete in college golf because I think that's the best place where I can improve my golf game the most and take it to the next level. I have always liked to play in team events and that’s also a big factor to why I would want to be a part of a college team. Golf is at many times very individual and the team aspect is indeed appealing to me.

College Goals?

My goal for college is to get a good education while getting the chance to develop as a golfer and also at the same time develop as a person outside of golf.