Lukas Molander

September 25, 2005


About Athlete

My name is Lukas Molander and I´m a soccer player from Sweden. I currently play for Vänersborgs FK who play in the fourth league in Swedish football. I am a right-footed center back who can also play fullback. My objective for my college experience is to play at a competitive level while getting a solid undergraduate education. I also want to develop as a soccer player and as a person, but also to help the team achieve victories and titles, as well as perform well academically.


Currently 3,4

SAT Total Score
SAT score: 960
TOEFL Total Score
Duolingo score: 100
ACT Score

Vänersborgs FK (Sweden) 2010-now.



Additional sporting info

During 2020, I played both as a forward and a center back throughout the season, and I scored 36 goals and provided 4 assists in 37 matches.

I have played in u16 National league, which is the highest level in Sweden for players who are 16 years old. I played in the u16 National league in 2020 with players born 2004(7 Games, 3 Goals). I also Played in the U16 National league in 2021 with players born 2005(16 games, 7 goals).

In 2022, I played in the P19 regional Division 1, which is the third-highest league in Sweden for players who are 19 years old(10 games, 1 goal). During the summer, I signed a contract with my home club and played in the Swedish cup(1 game) and Division 2 Norra Götaland, which is the fourth-highest league in Sweden(14 games). I also played in the Gothia Cup, where we won our group and advanced to the A-Playoffs but were eliminated on penalties in the round of 16(I was captain).

2023, I am still playing in, Division 2 Norra Götaland and have played 20 games.

Personal Best

21,3 yoyo test.

32 km/h maximum speed.

What makes you different?

What makes me unique is my leadership, understanding of the game, mentality, and passing skills. As a center back, I always try to direct my players around the field and help my teammates as much as possible. I always try to inspire and keep the motivation high throughout the game, even if we are behind. I always communicate so that the team is well-organized and does not stand in the wrong position during set pieces, etc.

One of my main strengths is my understanding of the game. I have a good understanding of the game, which helps me in many situations, such as knowing where and how to position my body. Another strength I have is my passing ability. I can pass both short and long balls to break through the opposing team's defense. I can also play diagonal passes to switch the play to the other side and I can also carry the ball forward and disrupt the patterns in the opposing team´s defense.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I am going to the USA and college because I want to develop as much as possible as a football player and as a person. I love training, winning matches, and trophies, and I hope to do so during my college years. I want to experience a new football culture and face new challenges within the sport. I feel that college has a very high level where I believe I can develop as a football player.

College Goals?

My college goals are to develop as a person and a football player, as well as to perform at the highest possible level both in academics and on the football field. I want to achieve a good balance between school and football. Having a good education is important to me, but I also want to be able to perform and develop as a football player at the same time, and I see college as a great opportunity to do so.

Anything else we should know?

Ranked top 10 talents in Division 2 norra Götaland born after 2004.
Quote from coach- “195cm tall, with an excellent passing ability. He is strong physically and very, very mature for his young age”




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