Luke Burger

water polo
August 20, 2007


About Athlete

My name Luke Burger from South Africa. It has always been a dream of mine to play the sport I love against the best in the world whilst getting a good education and I wish to do that. I am an extremely hard worker and go above and beyond what is expected and I am very coachable.


High School Grades: Maths B, English B, Physics B, Afrikaans D, Business studies A, EGD B


Rondebosch u19A team
Rondebosch club mens 1st team
Western Province u16A team

  • 4th at the u19 KES water polo tournament 2023
  • 1st at the u19 PPL Cape Town tournament 2023
  • 1st and winner of the u15 Cape schools league cup 2022
  • 2nd at the u19 St Andrews water polo tournament 2023

Additional videos

Additional sporting info

• u14A, u15A and u16A provincial team
• 50 Freestyle Time: 30 seconds
• Biggest strength of my game is my ability to read and control the game.

Personal Best

I am a starter for the Rondebosch u19A team even though I am the youngest in the team, I have just been chosen to be a part of the Rondebosch club 1st team with 4 National men's players, I was named MVP at the u19 PPL cape town tournament as well as being the top goal scorer.

What makes you different?

think my mindset, love and dedication towards the game sets me apart from everyone else. I am willing to go above and beyond everyone else to win. One of my favourite quotes is from Kobe Bryant who said “ I strive for perfection knowing I won’t get it but the fact that I am willing to try sets me apart from everyone else.” Those are words that I live by. Even though I know I will fail over and over again, the fact that I keep going means I never really fail. I learn and try again.

Why do you want to compete in college?

Water polo is such a big part of me. I want to play for the rest of my life.I want to play against the best in the world but still study at the best universities and obtain a good education and I think America is the perfect place to do so.

College Goals?

I want to play against the best and win championships year in and year out whilst still getting good marks and eventually graduating and then living in the US.



Rondebosch Boys’ High School

High School graduation 2025