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My work ethic as an individual is to put in extra hours on the pitch as well as off the pitch to achieve my sporting and academic goals. When it comes down to my attitude towards training I am ambitious and thrive when working in a professional atmosphere and challenging environments, that bring me out of my comfort zone. Team spirit is very important to me and I believe that inclusivity, positivity and listening are three of my strengths which make me a great team player. I would love to be given the opportunity to develop even more as a person both physically and academically to achieve my aspirations of playing field hockey at a high level and to graduate from an American university with a top degree


GPA 4.0

SAT Total Score

Chester Hockey Club 1st XI. NW Women's Premier League - Current
England Hockey Performance Centre U17 - Current
The King's School Chester 1st team hockey - Current
The King's School Chester 1st team Netball - Current
England hockey National age group squad U16 NAGS training squad of 40. October 2020 to April 2021

England Hockey performance Centre U15
Chester netball club U15 regional squad
NW Tensworth hockey squad
JAC Cheshire County hockey squad
Cheshire County Netball at ages 14 and 15


- Five a side Cheshire schools hockey champions 2015,2013
- Cheshire Schools Tennis doubles champion 2015
- U10 Deeside Netball League winner 2015
- Cheshire Schools indoor athletics. 4th place long jump 2015
- U12 Deeside Netball League winner 2016/17
- Cheshire county league Netball champion 2017
- ESF Gold ski award2017
- NW Tensworth National tournament squad 2017
- Chester Schools U14 Netball. Runners up 2017
- Cheshire County Schools U14 and U15 athletics competition in 200m and 100m relay 2017/18
- Manchester league Junior Netball champion 2017/18
- England Netball NW Regional league 2017/18 ( winning every game except one )
- Pontins Netball tournament winners 2018
- Chester Netball tournament winners 2018
- Chester Schools U15 Netball runners up 2018
- Boughton Belles Netball tournament winners 2018
- Yendeys Netball tournament winners 2018
- Chester Schools senior Netball tournament winners. !st team 2021
- Chester and District U19 Indoor hockey tournament winners 2021
- Chester and District U19 7's hockey tournament runners up 2021

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Additional sporting info

Whilst training with the NAGS U16 England Hockey squad, this is what lead coach Lisa Letchford said my strengths are:

“You are extremely hard working on and off the field, maintaining this kind of work ethic will really help you develop and can see you continue to progress at a fast rate.

Your understanding of pressing and the lines that you close and the body position that you take up is exceptional for someone your age. You close in a way that really dictates the play to the opposition and it makes it difficult for the opponent to play. Keep this up and the more different tactics you get exposed to the better as this will help you grow in your effectiveness as the first line of defence.

Linked also to good game understanding is your effectiveness of your leading. You seem to understand well when to lead to height and to the width and how to position your body to stay open to the field.

You are extremely coachable – you listen and are immediately able to put that into practice which is a great asset.

Drag flick and overhead – both are really good for your age – continue to develop both skill sets. I actually thought you played LD very well and it was good to see you were versatile. Of course if you are set on becoming the next Alex Danson then for sure go for it! It was just nice to see you use the overhead skill set playing at LD and ability to go over a press.”

Personal Best

The King’s School Chester C.A.O.K.S Girls sport achievement award in Year 9, 2017
PE academic subject prize for year 11
PE academic subject prize for year 10
Appointed King's School Chester Head of House . Academic year 2022/2023

What makes you different?

What makes me different from other student athletes is my coachability. I am able to implement and execute skills from training into game scenarios and I am not afraid to ask for extra coaching and advice to help me improve even further. My sporting success was highlighted when I was awarded The Kings School Chester C.A.O.K.S Girls Sports trophy in year 9. I was selected after many trials days for the NAGS U16 training squad.
One thing my friends and teammates say about me is that I am always smiling and have a contagious and positive personality.

Over the past year I have bee concentrating on developing as an individual. Through this process I have found myself and my own values. A quote that I carry with me in my hockey bag which particularly resonates with me is ' All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.'

This personal reflection has inspired me to become a Mental Fitness Ambassador at school while in the Lower Sixth.
Leadership is an important quality to achieve both academic and sporting success. Being part of the Student Council team in Year 11 and being hockey captain in Year 10 has helped bring out this quality in me. I strive for success which has resulted in my sporting and academic achievements and has resulted in my GCSE / IGCSE results and the academic subject prize for PE in Years 10 and 11.
I have taken a clear leadership role this year in lower sixth, being appointed as Head of House for the academic year 2022/2023.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I am driven to compete at the highest level of hockey I can achieve and to be part of a team who are all similarly determined. I have always dreamed of working with some of the best coaches and players from around the world and combining this with academic studies. Since I discovered that playing field hockey at an American university was possible I knew that this was what I wanted and where my ambition lay. The environment which combines excellent academic opportunities and highly competitive field hockey is where I am certain I can thrive and contribute most.

College Goals?

My ultimate goal would be to love waking up every morning knowing that I have great teammates that I can rely on and I can take into my life after College. Furthermore, experiencing engaging lectures that lead to a top degree will inspire me to reach my full potential.

Anything else we should know?

During 2019 / 2020 I have gained life skills and knowledge through work experience.
During the summer months I spent a week helping and observing in a veterinary practice. I learnt skills such as how to present myself in a professional environment as well as having experience working with animals and watching over operations. I also gathered work experience from a week shadowing many practitioners in Chester Wellness Centre. I learned important social skills when talking to patients and practitioners. Subsequently, I was employed by Chester Wellness Centre to clean during 2020 / 21.

I also had a part time job in a small cards, glass and craft shop in Chester where I helped with Children's parties and learned key business organisation skills.



The King's School Chester

Graduation year 2023

IGCSE Mathematics 8 (A*) IGCSE English Language 9 (A**) IGCSE English Literature 9 (A**) IGCSE Biology 9 (A**) IGCSE Physics 9 (A**) IGCSE Chemistry 8 (A*) GCSE Spanish Tier H 7 (A) GCSE Physical Education 9 (A**) GCSE Art and Design 8 (A*) GCSE Geography 9 (A**)