Manguak Deng

July 30, 1998

About Athlete

Growing up I always had the goal go reaching a higher level in basketball which I achieved after graduating high school by getting selected to play in the Ugandan national team and played in the national league where I thought that I had achieved my life goal because I received love and approval from people. Then I realized that I needed a college education while still competing high level basketball which is why I came to the United States with a new goal of joining the NBA


Following NCAA guidelines Manguak’s GPA would meet U.S. requirements.


ISSAC league defensive record of 10 blocks and 7 steals per game

2016 ISAAC League defensive player of the year

2016 ISSAC league Sixth man award

2017 ISSAC league MVP

Selected for Ugandan under 20 national team

2017 Ugandan national basketball league division 2 defensive player of the year

What makes you different?

Growing up I had a massive love for the game of basketball until this day which helps be confident and determined on court. I have an advantage against my opponents because I am a 6 foot 8 shooting guard with a good jump shot and vertical. Despite my height and size, I am versatile on the court and able to play all positions. I am also a very gifted defender averaging 10 blocks and 7 steals per game in my high school league in Uganda and winning a couple of defensive player of the year awards in both high school and Ugandan national league. My experience in both high school basketball and national basketball has helped me improve my basketball IQ and how to treat my teammates and coach with respect.

Why do you want to compete in college?

Despite already playing in the national league in Uganda and continuing as a basketball player straight after graduating high school at the age of 19 I still felt like I needed to go to college because I have a goal of playing in the NBA one day and the beauty of American colleges is that it provides development, competition, exposure and education at the same time which I am sure is what I need to mature in the game of basketball and hep me achieve my goal of playing in the NBA.

College Goals?

Developing life long relationships with people in college while experiencing new cultures. Competing in college basketball in order to develop more in the game of basketball. Graduating and acquiring a business administration degree from college.

Anything else we should know?

am currently in my freshman year at the University of Kansas where I intend to walk-on but changed my mind because I want a better place that I can call a home. I have worked with a team and acquired skills which will help me compete in college.