Manni Zhang

February 7, 2002


About Athlete

My objective is to combine my academic studies and sporting talent. I have the experience and motivation to work hard in both required attributes in order to leave an impact on the college team I represent I hope to be able to reach my best performance and be the best version of myself in order to influence those around me



SAT Total Score
TOEFL Total Score

Universal Tennis Ranking: 7.57

Number one in Bahrain (U16)

Previously 100 in Canada (U16)

Total Tournaments Entered

From my UTR profile I have currently 16 tournaments that have been played. I have played many other Under 14 tournaments in Qatar, 2 ATF under 14 two times a year for 3 years and twice in Lebanon. There were also 4 local tournaments a year that I participated in.

Top 5 Tournament Finishes

ACE U12, U16 Provincial Circuit April 13th-15th-Winner.

ACE U14, U18 Provincial Circuit December 1st-3rd –Finalist.

A couple years ago ATF doubled final.

White Oaks U18 Provincial Circuit November 10th-12th- Semi-Finalist.

ACE U12, U16 Provincial Circuit March 23rd-25th-Semi Finalist.

When playing local tournaments in Bahrain Under 16 I always made it to the final or won.

Best Serve MPH

90mph max

Additional Tennis Info

Got my first ITF points at 13 however due to not playing the tournament for one year the ranking expired.

What makes you different?

I think I’m different because I have a very unique background. I am from China and Jordan and I grew up in the middle east going to an international school. I have been exposed to many different cultures and moved to Canada at the age of 15 and to the U.S at 16. I hold a Chinese passport but Chinese is my second language making English my first. I am also an athlete who is a full time student and I am really independent because I have to do everything by myself like cooking and laundry while also balancing school and tennis.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I want to compete in college because I think it is a very unique experience that not everyone has a chance to have. I also want to compete because I really like playing tennis and have put a lot of time and energy into it. Additionally it will also provide me with a tennis family and help me build close relationships around me which I think is very important, and I will be able to represent my school and be involved.

College Goals?

My goal in college is to be able to keep good grades, while maintaining a social life and competing in tennis. I would like to go to New York or California, more city like areas- or even stay in Florida because tennis is strong here. I want to play in Division 1/2 in one of the top 50 schools in the states.

Anything else we should know?

I have played many other sports growing up such as basketball, volleyball, soccer and swimming. I have won awards in several of those sports and have even competed against different schools in different countries. I am also an outgoing person who likes to get involved in many activities. In my previous schools I have been sports captain, student councilor and community service captain. I have participated in many community service activities and fundraisers.