Manuel De Jesus Mendoza Mendoza

June 28, 2001


About Athlete

My goal is to make the most of my athletic abilities while at the same time fulfilling my academic potential by not only playing soccer, but by also attending college and earning a degree. I have the discipline to be able to commit and excel on the field as well in the classroom. I also want to be an asset for the team and college I play for. It has been a dream of mine to play in the United States on a competitive level. I will not stop until I make this happen.

My personal goal is to be successful by making the most of my sporting potential, my commitment and my competitiveness. I am totally convinced that studying hand in hand with sport creates a perfect balance between discipline and education. With that idea in my head I feel ready and I am prepared to use my talent and achieve my goals


Positions: Midfielder (Defensive, Offensive, Creative)

Foot: Right


Youth tournament

games: 65 goals:15 games:29 goals: 24


“Marco Fabian FC” (4th, 3rd)

“Chivas del Guadalajara” (3rd)

“Club Tiburones Rojos de Veracruz” (U-17,U-20,Major League)

Junior Teams and School Teams

“Chivas Soccer School”

“UVM University of the Valley of Mexico”



Fourth premier division: “Marco Fabian Team”

Games: 16

Goals: 5

Copa Chivas Champion: “Chivas Guadalajara Team”

Games: 7

Goals: 13     

Interlinces international tournament Champion: “UVM High School”

Games: 6

Goals: 2


Third professional division: “Chivas Guadalajara Team”

Games: 28

Goals: 6

Interlinces international tournament two-times Champion: “UVM High School”

Games: 6

Goals: 4


U-17 national tournament liga mx

Games: 25

Goals: 6


U-20 national tournament liga mx

Games: 12

Goals: 3


Instagram: @_manuelmendoza007_