Manuel Maria Morais Marques

December 11, 2005


About Athlete

My goal is to combine my academic studies with my tennis ability.

I like to compete at the highest level and I have a lot of ambition and motivation to embrace these 2 goals of mine – studies and tennis.

In regards to my tennis, I want to be become an elite athlete. I believe I have the mentality, technique, attitude, strength, motivation and ambition in order to become one.

In regards to my studies, I want to get a degree where I can acquire the skills to perform professionally in the future.


10º School Grade:

Physical Education 18

English 13

Portuguese 13

Philosophy 13

Mathematic 11

Academic course:

Technological Sciences

SAT Total Score
TOEFL Total Score

Sub 16

  • Regional Singles Champion Coimbra Tennis Association- Coimbra
  • Regional Champion Doubles 2021 Associacao Tenis Coimbra 2021- Coimbra
  • Regional Champion Mixed Doubles 2021 Associacao Tenis Coimbra 2021-Coimbra
  • Winner 3rd ANAg 2021 Youth Tournament- Gondomar
  • Winner 67th Youth Tournament 2020- Idanha a Nova
  • Winner Carnaval Tournament 2020- Santarem
  • Winner Moita Juvenile circuit 2019- Lisbon
  • 23rd Pacos Brandao Tournament Winner
  • Winner Men's Doubles 23rd Pacos de Brandao Tournament
  • Finalist Men's Doubles Ria de Averio Tournament 2021- Aveiro

Sub 14

  • Regional Singles Champion Coimbra Tennis Association 2019- Coimbra
  • Regional Doubles Champion 2019 Coimbra Tennis Association 2019- Coimbra
  • Regional Champion mixed doubles 2019 Coimbra Tennis Association- Coimbra
  • Winner of the Rei dos Leitoes Summer Tournament 2018- Luso
  • Vice-champion Men's Double 2018 Associacao Tenis Coimbra- Coimbra
  • Technidoor Summer Tournament Finalist- Luso
  • Winner of the youth tournament 2019 Men's pairs- Alcobaca
  • Winner of the Male PPairs Third stage CTC circuit 2019- Coimbra
  • Winner Male Pairs Level A Tournament- Braga
Personal Best

Best Serve: 133 MPH

Best National Under 16 Ranking: 4º

UTR: 8.00

What makes you different?

My serve is very powerful. I am a very tall athlete, so I can create a lot of strength in my serve and forehand. Also, I am very motivated so it helps me a lot becoming better and better everyday.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I want to compete in college tennis because it is a very competitive level. Also, It allows me to have an international experience and create long lasting relationships with my fellow peers from the tennis team and university.

College Goals?

When it comes to my tennis goals, I want to develop my tennis ability and become the best version of myself. I want to help my team achieve their best results, and thus make it to the Nationals.
About my study goals, I want to graduate with the best grades possible so that I can have access to a great career afterwards.


Colégio Nossa Senhora Assunção – Anadia