Manuel Vaz Mendes Ferreira Costa

January 19, 2005


About Athlete

My name is Manuel Costa. I`m a Cyclist from Portugal. My sportive objective is racing and winning the Tour de France.
My objective for my college experience is to develop my skill while getting a solid undergraduate education.
I strongly belief that I can accomplish these goals by working hard every single day with scientific data.




Mato-Cheirinhos/Vila Galé/Etopi 2017-2021

Additional sporting info

I've been doing sport my whole life.
I've done Judo until I was 8 years old.
My passion about cycling started when I was 8 years old.
Since then I've been learning and improving my capabilities.

Personal Best


2022 Tour of Portugal Junior :
Stage 1 (uphill finish):
-35th (35/144) and 9th youth classification

2022 GP Matos-Cheirinhos- 10th GC and 2nd youth classification

2nd Portuguese Cup (TT) -46th (46/104)

GP Minho 56th GC and 25th youth classification:
Stage 1- 73rd
Stage 2- 74th ( had a flat tire at an important moment of the stage)
Stage 3- 57th


Rampa das Vindimas (Hill TT, 400 meters) - 1st place
40º Seixaliadas (82km) - 2nd place
GP Matos Cheirinhos (60 km)- 7th place
Portuguese National TT -28th
Junior Tour of Portugal:
stage 1- 90th (114 km)
stage 2 - 48th (76 km)
stage 3 - 74th (15 km)
stage 4 - 37th (120 km)
stage 5 - 56th (110 km)

Power :
5 seconds -19,5 w/kg
30 seconds-12 w/kg
1 minute-8,5 w/kg
5 minutes-6,0 w/kg
20 minutes-4,8 w/kg
30 minutes-4,6 w/kg
1 hour-4,4 w/kg
2 hours 4,2 w/kg

What makes you different?

I'm a lightwheight rider, which makes me good climbing. I've also been learning about cycling tactics since I started watching races on TV, because of that I know what to do in decisive moments of the race.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I want to reach the world tour level, to be able to compete in the most important races in the world like the Tour de France and I think that this is a great oportunity to continuing to develop myself, while keeping my studies.

College Goals?

I want to compete in the highest level and continuing to develop myself as an athlete .
I do also want to complete my studies with the best possible grades.



Escola Secundária Eça de Queirós


Escola Secundária António Damásio