Marco Costa

April 7, 1997


About Athlete

I have dedicated all my life playing soccer and studying but now I want to do this at the highest levels in the best structure. I can contribute to my team with a lot of experience. When I was child I played at Atalanta and after this experience I played in Tritium and Monza. At the age of 17 I played my first match with Monza and in the same year I was selected for the Italian national team under 18. After that I played for A.S. Giana Erminio. In 2017 I played for Monza and we won the championship and the super cup. In the last 4 years I played more than 120 games. In November 2021 I will discuss my bachelor thesis and I will be graduated in engineering. I am very competitive and I like working hard on the pitch because in my opinion is the only way to get good results.



  • Monza
  • A.S. Giana Erminio
  • Caronnese
  • Borgosesia
  • Ponte San Pietro


2021-2022 A.C.Ponte San Pietro in progress

2020-2021 A.C Ponte San Pietro 32 games

2019-2020 Borgosesia Calcio : 24 games

2018-2019 Caronnese : 31 games-1 goals

2017-2018 Caronnese : 38 games

May 2017 winning the championship with Monza

June 2017 Super cup champion with Monza

2016-2017 Monza :18 games

2015-2016 A.S. Giana Erminio : 3 games

2015-2014 Monza : 4 games

2014-2013 Monza under 18

2013-2014 Tritium under 17

2012-2013 Tritium under 16

2011-2012 Atalanta under 15

2010-2011 Atalanta under 14

2009-2010 Atalanta under 13

Biggest strengths: Communication with my teammates, Positioning, 1vs1 defending duels, discipline. My main position on the pitch is central back but sometimes I play right back.