Marco Tavares

February 22, 2024

About Athlete

My experiences have been very unique having immigrated from South Africa to the UK at such a young age, leaving my old club Ajax Cape Town. Soon after moving over, Brentford FC recognised my talent and determination and signed me aged thirteen. Having the guidance and resources of a professional football club significantly helped me to grow and mature as a player at a young age and has helped to shape me into the all rounded player I am today, being able to play comfortably with the ball at my feet as well as being safe in the goal. Having been exposed to many different premier league clubs I’ve been lucky to work with some world class goalkeeper coaches that have helped me to realise that the game is forever evolving and goalkeepers in the modern game need to be able to pass and execute techniques like any other outfield player as well as doing the primary job of goalkeeping.


2013 - Signing for Brentford F.C. at age 13

2015 - Attending and winning Northern Ireland Dale Farm Milk Cup Vase trophy age fourteen playing two age groups up. Beating Southampton F.C. in the final. (1999 age group tournament)

2016 - Attending and playing in the final of Northern Ireland Dale Farm Milk Cup Vase trophy at age sixteen. Playing Sheffield United in the final. (2000's tournament)

2016 - Aged sixteen training with Brentford F.C. U21's and playing an age group up with the U18 squad.

2016 - Trial with Stoke City F.C. (U18)
2017 - Trial with West Ham United F.C. (U18)
2017 - Trial with Aston Villa F.C.( U18)
2018 - Trail with Tottenham Hotspur F.C. (U18)

Other Achievements:

2012 - Shot Put Provincial Champion (Cape Town, Western Cape)

2014 - 2017 - School winner and record holder for both Shot Put and Long Jump four years in a row.

2015/2016 - Hertfordshire County Shot Put champion & record holder both years.
- Hertfordshire County Long Jump champion both years.
- Hertfordshire County Relay winner (2015).

What makes you different?

I believe what sets me aside from other people is my determination and ambition. What sets me aside from other people is the fact that I've experienced major change at a young age when I left my life behind in pursuit of my dream to become a footballer. I was also forced to grow up at a young age as I had to travel 2 hours a day to get to training via public transport whilst still going to school everyday. This helped me mature at an early age and shape me into the person I am today. I further believe what sets me aside to other players is my ability to lead and pull a team together not only when things are going well but when the team is on a low and need that guidance.

Why do you want to compete in college?

There are many reasons I have chosen to compete in the college system, the career path to becoming a professional footballer is like no other. It is a very harsh environment and requires a strong character with sickening work ethic to make it to the top. I feel as though the college system provides me with all the recourses I need to excel and take my game to the next level as well as the opportunity the study and get a degree. The opportunity to study and play full time soccer at the same time is an opportunity of a life time that not many people will ever come across. The platform for student athletes is remarkable as it gives you the opportunity to gain a degree whilst creating a path to potentially be drafted into the MLS. Having the support of my family and the resources to be able to travel to America was irresistible and couldn't be passed up.

College Goals?

To successfully gain a degree in something that I'm extremely passionate for as well as experiencing life from a different perspective, making new friends with different backgrounds and cultures. By the end of my college experience I would have liked to grown as a individual intellectually and physically on the pitch.

Anything else we should know?

I have been exposed to a very high level of coaches and professional environments. At Tottenham Hotspur I was coached by Northern Irish legend Pat Jennings which was a massive honour for me. Coming from a footballing family where my dad played professionally in Portugal and my brother has signed a professional contract at Crystal Palace F.C. has motivated me and made me even more determined to succeed and get to the level they were/are at.