Marcus Bergelin

September 14, 2005

About Athlete

My name is Marcus Bergelin and I´m a tennis player from Sweden (Stockholm). My objective for my college experience is to compete at a high level of tennis while getting a solid undergraduate education.

Ever since my earliest memories, I have been deeply passionate about tennis. It all started with my grandfather Lennart Bergelin who played professional tennis and right after started to coach Bjorn Borg. His journey has inspired me to start with tennis and to become World numer 1 in the world.

I also believe that tennis is a “long run” race which requires a strategic approach. I firmly believe that attending college will play an important role in my future professional career. College presents a remarkable opportunity for me to engage in high-level matches and at the same time it offers an excellent education which I can utlize in my career after playing tennis.

My main goal at college will be to train as hard as I possibly can and to play a lot of matches to be prepared for the ATP tour.




UTR - 10.44

International level, mostly ITF:s


My biggest wins:

  • Stockholms Championships 2023, (Age 17-21).
  • Masters Finals 2022.
  • Sub-competition to Swedish Championships (KLTK:s Summer Tournament).


Additional sporting info


Personal Best

In Sweden we don´t have a ranking system, we only have a raiting system which doesn´t work, but I have 3,8. We don´t have "Places 1,2,3...".

But based on my wins in Sweden and my UTR, It would be top 10 in Sweden.

My current ITF rankings: 3204
Career high rankings: 2757

I got my ranking and first points this year after some good wins through the qualies and one in MD in Estonia. I also started playing ITF more often this year. Previous years, I have played maybe 1-2 per year. At the moment I almost only play ITF:s.

What makes you different?

First of all, there are few persons who practices as much as I do. I train between 25-30 hours/week tennis and then between 2-3 fitness sessions/week.

Secondly, I am extremely competitive and thorough with my training, studies and preparations.

Thirdly, I am very fast and have great movement on court.

Why do you want to compete in college?

So that I can get a lot of matches against great players and get more match habit.
To get more experience when i compete against players from all over the world.
I want to feel how high the level is at college to understand what it takes to go pro.

College Goals?

The ultimate goal for me is to play a lot of matches and beat the best players so that I am well prepared to go and play at the ATP tour.
The second goal for me is to get a solid education so that I´m prepared of maybe work with other stuff than just tennis if that is what I want at that time.

Anything else we should know?

I would like a coach who treats me and the team as family, someone who teaches and is there with his heart both on and off the court.



Stockholms Idrottsgymnasium/Stockholm Sports Gymnasium

Graduation year 2024