Maria Eidhagen Harrouch

April 7, 2002


About Athlete

My idea is to develop my golf so that one day I will be able to provide for myself only as a golfer. I have recently found my love for golf. When I did every part of life became more meaningful as I apply the golf mind to it. During any tough period, I know that If I mentally stay strong there is a greater chance to make a good decision. Life can be compared to bogies and birdies. When I struggle the most important is to continue and eventually there will be a birdie or even an eagle. I have high goals and a long-term strategy to be able to fulfill them. My first big step on the way to fulfilling my dreams is to study and practice golf at college. I was a bit of a late bloomer but since I have a wide sports background, I only see the opportunities and advantages I have from my experiences. Gymnastics, Soccer, Cross- country skiing and Athletics are the four sports I’ve been mostly involved in. I am dedicated both academically and golfingly. I love to compete and I play better when under pressure. I am used to the competitive pressure and nervousness due to the many competitions in my sports carrier. My active life has not only taught me to handle nervousness it has also taught me that there is a reason for everything. Every injury, every failure is a part of the journey, the crucial parts is how you tackle these obstacles.


Current Handicap: 5,8


Ranked 228 amongst girls in Sweden





Carry distances in yards

Driver 251y

5 wood 220y

Hybrid 197y

5 iron 180y

6 iron 170y

7 iron 159y

8 iron 148y

9 iron 137y

PW 122y

Instagram: @maria_harrouch | @gavlegkakademi (my teams account)

Additional sporting info

My sports background

Sports have always been a huge part of my life. When I was 4 years old, I started with gymnastics and kept on training 9h/week until I was 10. Due to an injury I replaced my gymnastics practice with 4h/week swimming as my rehab. When I was 8 years old, I had Track & Field during summers and Cross-country skiing during winter. All sports had their own place in my heart. My cross-country skiing club is one of the most prominent in the country and to this day I enjoy skiing. It is the perfect outdoor cardio training during snowy times in Sweden. My star qualities in T&F was shot put, 60 m hurdles, pole vault and hammer throw (results below). Sometimes the activities overlapped and with thorough planning and prioritizing, my training week consisted of high intensity training between 10-15h/week. 

Golf was something I got in contact with at an early age but did not pursue until I was on my 13th year. On my 4th birthday I got my first golfclubs and the putter was my favorite club. I still remember my fascination for the sound of the ball tipping into the hole. During winter break 2014 I travelled to Australia. In Christmas for a present I got 6 lessons at the nearest golf club in Mona Vale, Bayview Golf Club. My first lesson was at the range and I fell in love with golf again. When I came home from that trip, I knew that I wanted to become a golf player, I was just not ready to let go of the other sports.   

This year I was invited to a soccer training camp with Morocco’s U17 women’s national team. I turned it down since I earlier this year quit playing. Now I am only focusing on golf. I have my coming months sorted out, I’m travelling to Morocco in January 2021 to practice golf when it is cold and snowy in Sweden. At the same time, I will take an online Arabian course to learn the language. Since I graduated one year earlier then the boys and girls my age, I have one more year to prepare for college.


Track & Field, PB, age 13

Shot put - 39ft | Distance/Weight - 6.6lbs

Hammer throw - 133ft | Distance/Weight - 6.6lbs

Discus - 112ft | Distance/Weight - 26oz

Hurdles - 10s | 66y

Pole Vault - 19ft 7in