Marlon Patrick Neto Bradley

September 4, 2001


About Athlete

I intend to work as hard as I can to fulfill my potential both, academically and in golf.


IB Diploma: 27/45 points
Math SL: 3
English SL: 5
Geography HL: 5
Spanish SL: 7
Physics HL: 3
Economics HL : 4

SAT Total Score

JFGA Tour – San Roque 2018

San Roque Old Course

Cadiz, Spain

(78 +6)      3rd place   Par: 72      Distance: 7117 yards


The JJGA (Japan Junior Golf Association) Japan Junior Championship 2018

Nasuagawa Golf club, Tochigi, Japan

(75&74 +5)  4th place   Par: 72    Distance: 6843 yards




Summer Junior Classic Regional Qualifier 2018 – (76 +4)

Nasuogawa Golf Club, Tochigi, Japan

1st   Par: 72   Distance: 6843


Ryo Ishikawa Cup 2017 (WAGR) – (77&77 +10)

Royal Meadows Golf Stadium, Tochigi, Japan

13th     Par:72     Distance: 6947


Ryo Ishikawa Cup 2017 Qualifier - (73 +1)

Royal Meadows Golf Stadium, Tochigi, Japan

1st    Par: 72       Distance: 6947



Toyoko-Inn Junior Golf Open 2017 - (79&77&76 +16)

Nasuogawa Golf Club, Tochigi, Japan

15th     Par:72    Distance: 7063


Toyoko-Inn Junior Golf Open Regional Qualifier  (73 +1)

Kanuma 72 Golf Club, Tochigi, Japan

1st     Par: 72       Distance: 6736


Alpha Club Junior Championship 2017 – (77&77 +10)

Yaita Country Club, Tochigi, Japan

12th  Par:72    Distance: 7105


The Japan Junior Championship 2017 – (79&78 +13)

Nasuagawa Golf Club, Tochigi, Japan

21st   Par:72      Distance: 6843


The Japan Junior Championship Regional Qualifier (73 +1)

Kanuma 72 Golf Club, Tochigi, Japan

1st    Par: 72       Distance: 6922


Toyoko-Inn Junior Golf Open 2016 - (81&79&79 +26)

Royal Meadows Golf Stadium, Tochigi, Japan

24th     Par:72    Distance: 7063


2nd  category (11.4. – 4.5 HCP) National Portuguese Championship 2014 – (75, 74 – 149 +5)

Ribagolfe, Lisbon, Portugal

T1st    Par:72    Distance: 6982 yards



What makes you different?

Despite a lack of formal coaching for the last 4 years, I have achieved a 2.8 EGA HCP. I grew up in Portugal and moved to Japan at age 13, and have played extensively in both countries. I’ve¬ been playing golf since the age of 4 and have an incredibly strong passion for the game. At the age of 11, I was recruited to the Portuguese national, under 14 team and played on the team for three years, before moving to Japan in 2014. Since then, I have been improving my game and have competed at national level Japanese Junior golf. As I have been self-coached over the last four years, I am now taking a gap year at a golf academy in Spain, improving my skills whilst playing in some significant European and US golf tournaments. My clear objective right now, is to play Collegiate Golf and I am dedicated to this goal.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I believe College golf offers the best route to becoming a professional golfer, getting a good education to secure a livelihood after golf.

College Goals?

Golf: I want to become a key part of the team I represent, and test my game in competition against some of the best amateurs in the world.

Education: I would like to study business/economics at a university of high academic standards.