Marta Romeu Chen

May 21, 2003


About Athlete

I started playing golf when I was 9. Since then, it is the sport that I practice the most and with the one I feel most identified with.

My goal is become part of a university’s golf team combining it with my studies to find the perfect balance and achieve the best personal and academic training for my future. I look forward to growing up as a member of a team, as an individual player as well as experience and help the team in any possible way.


Handicap: +0.5

Club distances

Driver: 240 yards

3 Wood: 220 yards

5 Wood: 204 yards

4 Hybrid: 188 yards

5 Iron: 174 yards

6 Iron: 164 yards

7 Iron: 153 yards

8 Iron: 142 yards

9 Iron: 131 yards

Pitch wedge: 120 yards

50º wedge: 103 yards

54º wedge: 92 yards

58º wedge: 81 yards

Additional sporting info

2019 Absolute Female Champion of the Real Club de Golf Manises.

I love skiing and I have been practicing it since I was 4.

Instagram handle: @martaromeu_