Matea Kovacevic

February 13, 2006


About Athlete

My name is Matea Kovacevic, I play for Sigma FC, and I am a centre back. I’m a hard working athlete that wants to get to the highest level possible. I believe I am able to help any team that I’m on, whether it be technically or vocally. I am determined to reach my overall goals.




Sigma FC 2018-Present
LM Premier 2017-2018

Additional sporting info


Personal Best


What makes you different?

I am more determined than others. I am willing to work on my weaknesses to improve myself. I am more reliable than others, and able to make consistent performances throughout seasons. I am always ready to work. No matter where I am I want to be the best, I have that competitive spirit within me.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I want to be able to get closer to my dream and expose myself to that level of play. The opportunity to play at a higher level is always a dream. I also want to be able to further my education as well. The college game allows me to do both.

College Goals?

I want to be able to play, as well as help the team win. The most important thing to me is winning, being able to help a team do that is always a goal. I want to be a top defender within the conference I play in.